[DRC] dYdX Community Staking Proposal

pSTAKE Finance supports Reverie’s rationale and the need for more economic security and dYdX network decentralization.

Trusted liquid staking providers like Stride and pSTAKE Finance can abstract away delegators validator selection decisions to ensure the dYdX network sovereignty and promote decentralization.

We echo that the proposed community pool spend to liquid stake 20M DYDX tokens is reasonable considering factors like total community pool and vesting balances, foreseeable spends, and economic security added to the dYdX network.

However, we advocate for an open and decentralized approach involving an equal split of the proposed 20M DYDX tokens between Stride (stDYDX) and pSTAKE Finance (stkDYDX).

pSTAKE Finance contributors’ in-depth rationale and thought process can be found in a separate dYdX forum post here.