DRC - Private Voting for dYdX Governance [2-month Trial]

Hi @BristolBlockchain,

This is an intriguing proposal, and I fully support your endeavour to tackle issues of early vote influence, potential manipulation by large stakeholders, and voter apathy.

Given their apparent benefits, I’m surprised to see that such mechanisms aren’t already prevalent in more decentralised governance systems.

However, I also believe that we should consider this innovation as part of a larger, more comprehensive restructuring of the governance system. There are many facets to this process, and shielded voting could potentially play a crucial role in many of them.

In this light, I’d like to encourage everyone to think about the broader structure this innovation could fit into. For instance, a council system could potentially be a beneficial restructuring of the governance model, and this shielded voting mechanism might be seamlessly incorporated into such a system. You can find some ideas for such a structure on this forum thread.

Thank you for the thought and effort you’ve put into this proposal. It’s initiatives like this that drive forward our collective efforts to improve our decentralised governance processes.