Validator Introduction: Qubelabs


Location: Croatia, Slovenia

Description/Bio: Qubelabs is an independent group of validators, network contributors, and community builders. Our team consists of devops engineers, developers and marketing experts. We have extensive blockchain experience and have been actively contributing to the ecosystem since 2019.

Our contributions range from validation and infrastructure services to community management and network development. Our primary focus is on developing strategic partnerships with projects throughout their entire lifecycle, beginning with the early stages and continuing past the launch phase.

Contact Info/Socials


Baremetal servers which are based in Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, France.

Other Networks

Axelar, Agoric, Evmos, Mina Protocol, Umee, Nolus, Obol, Gravity, Nomic, and other networks. We also cover a wide range of testnets for current and upcoming projects.

Previous Experience

We have been fortunate to participate in various cosmos-based testnets and incentivized testnet programs, as well as assist projects with the organization and execution of such initiatives. This has allowed us to gain some valuable experience and new findings, such as:

  • Clear and timely communication channels, as well as the formation of an emergency pager service, such as PagerDuty, with the validators.

  • Appropriate GitHub workflows for gentx collection and launch of testnet or mainnet iterations.

  • Stake distribution strategy with the launch of the mainnet network, or possibly initially disabling inflation.

  • With the network’s launch, a good governance framework for protocol and community-pool funds should be in place.

  • Ensure proper decentralization between nodes is in place!


Prior to voting on-chain, we monitor all governance proposals and participate in community discussions where we express our opinions. In addition to analyzing and discussing each proposal internally, we also consider its implications and any other community feedback.


  • IBC relayers between networks that we support and collaborate with.

  • Infrastructure services, such as RPC endpoints and archive snapshots.

  • Network toolings and community contributions, such as:
    Celestia PFB App
    Axelar Tools
    Technical Guides
    App Walkthrough Video

  • Collaborations with projects such as Axelar where we helped with the incentivized testnet, technical support and documentation, as well as the creation of DAO governance framework, or Celestia, where we manage communities and also assisted with the incentivized testnet and built the Knack application which all Blockspace Race participants have been using.