dYdX 2023 Semi-Annual Ecosystem Report πŸŽ‰

dYdX Foundation is excited to share the dYdX 2023 Semi-Annual Ecosystem Report :tada:

Despite the prolonged bear market, the Foundation has demonstrated an unwavering commitment towards building the future of finance and expanding the dYdX protocol ecosystem❗

The Ecosystem Report highlights:
:hedgehog: About dYdX Foundation
:coin: $DYDX Token
:balance_scale: Governance
:dna: dYdX DAO
:chains: dYdX Chain
:globe_with_meridians: International Go-to-Market and Community

Among plenty more topics.

We thank various contributors for their engaged participation and involvement in the ecosystem, and we thank the community for their continued support and involvement in shaping the future of dYdX :raised_hands:

Read the blog post.

Read the short version of the report.

Happy reading !