dYdX Grants Forum Guideline

The dYdX Grants Program , launched in January 2022, is on a mission to build the future of dYdX through community funding. We issue grants to community contributors building for the success and growth of our protocol. Projects funded through grants include trading tools, research reports, marketing partnerships, community initiatives, and more.

Going forward, the Grants team will use this forum section to share updates and progress on funded projects and the program itself. This will serve as an additional channel for community members to share feedback on projects being built and the progress of our program.

We encourage everyone to participate to help us maximize the impact of Grants!

Our goal is to help drive the dYdX ecosystem forward by improving engagement and immediate feedback with our contributors. We will encourage all contributors to share initial drafts and builds here to gather feedback ahead of completing their projects.

Expect to see more posts here from both the team and contributors in the near future!

You can also stay up to date with our channels linked below:

dYdX Grants
dYdX Grants Program - dydxgrants.eth (@dydx_grants) / Twitter
dYdX Grants Program - YouTube
dYdX Grants Program | LinkedIn

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