Introduction and Invitation for Community Input

Hello dYdX Community,

I’m Stan, excited to step into the role of your Community Governance Associate. As a dynamic force within the dYdX Operations subDAO, I specialize in governance and community strategy. With my rich blockchain background since 2020, including impactful roles at NEAR Foundation, I focus on enhancing governance frameworks and fostering a vibrant, informed community, which is key to the success of dYdX V4.

Here’s a quick glimpse into what I’ll be focusing on and how we can collaborate to enhance our community:

  • Transparent Operations: My aim is to make our processes as transparent as possible. I believe in open communication, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • Guideline Evolution: I’m diving into our guidelines with a fresh perspective. My goal is to transform them from static words to dynamic, actionable paths that unite us in our common goals.
  • Cultivating Connections: I envision a community culture where every voice is heard and valued, creating a strong bond not just within the DAO but among all of us.
  • Empowering Education: I’m here to demystify the complexities of dYdX and DeFi. Expect to see content that breaks down intricate concepts into understandable insights, empowering each one of us to contribute effectively.

In this role, I plan to blend my experience with fresh innovations to nurture a community that’s engaged, informed, and above all, inspired.

Let’s Co-Create Our Code of Conduct

As part of my introduction, I’ve drafted the initial version of our dYdX Forum Code of Conduct. But it’s not just my document - it’s ours. I warmly invite each of you to review this draft and contribute your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Your input is invaluable in creating a Code of Conduct that truly reflects our community’s spirit and values.

dYdX Forum Code of Conduct (draft)

Your feedback will help us build a set of guidelines that isn’t just functional but also resonates with each member of our community. Let’s collaborate to ensure our Code of Conduct is a living document, evolving with our collective wisdom.

Please share your insights and suggestions by Monday, 27th of November 2023. This will allow us to incorporate your valuable input effectively.

Together, Let’s Shape the Future of Finance

I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you. Let’s collaborate to make a significant impact in the world of decentralized finance. I’m looking forward to your insights and contributions!


Warm regards,


Dear Stan,

Thank you for your warm introduction and for spearheading the initiative to establish a dYdX Forum Code of Conduct. We appreciate your dedication to transparency, community engagement, and education.

Having reviewed the initial draft of the dYdX Forum Code of Conduct, we want to express our support and appreciation for the thought and effort you’ve invested in crafting these guidelines. The document effectively captures the essence of fostering a positive and inclusive community culture.

We commend your inclusive approach in inviting community input, and we want to affirm that, after thorough examination, we have no specific additional suggestions to improve the Code of Conduct. The document, as presented, resonates well with our collective objectives.

Thank you for fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued. We stand behind the proposed Code of Conduct and look forward to its implementation in shaping a community that is not only functional but also resonates with the ethos of decentralized finance.

Best regards,
Govmos (the governance arm of the PRO Delegators’ Validator)

Welcome @Stan ! We’re delighted to have you joining.
Looking forward to the quality & impactful convos.
Let us know when & where we can help. :handshake:

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Dear Govmos Team,

We’re truly grateful for your supportive words regarding the dYdX Forum Code of Conduct. It’s reassuring to know that our efforts align with your vision and objectives. Your endorsement is a significant boost to our commitment to fostering an inclusive and empowering community.

We are excited about the positive impact this Code of Conduct will have and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in shaping the future of decentralized finance.

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Hi @Govmos It’s great to connect with you!

Thank you for your supportive feedback on the CoC initiative. It’s affirming to see our alignment in values and vision for transparent, inclusive operations.

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Hi @charles,

Thank you for the warm welcome! My onboarding experience has been fantastic, meeting many incredible individuals. The openness and willingness to help from everyone is truly remarkable and speaks volumes about our community.

I’m genuinely excited about my role as the Governance Associate. I firmly believe in the power of giving a voice to each community member, as the first step towards true decentralization. This is why a community-built Code of Conduct is so vital - it helps us align our values and objectives.

My main priorities remain transparency, putting the community first, and focusing on education. I’m looking forward to the chance to have a chat to further discuss our exciting journey ahead.


Nice initiative to start with a Code of Conduct which is agreed upon and share with the community. Besides some good comments which were already in the doc I’ve added some things.

I think it is good to start small and expand based on the needs of the group and not to overcomplicate things from the get-go. So I guess that when most of the remarks are solved it can be enforced and it is good to go!

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I’ve added my comments to the document. Glad to see this started.

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Thank you both, @LeonoorsCryptoman and @luisqa, for your valuable contributions to the Code of Conduct draft. I’m reviewing all the comments and suggestions received, and I plan to start integrating them this weekend.

@LeonoorsCryptoman, I absolutely agree with your approach of starting simple and expanding as needed. The idea is to keep the document clear and user-friendly, building a solid foundation for our community-driven project. I also believe in regularly reviewing and updating the Code of Conduct to reflect the evolving trends, requirements, and challenges we might face. A monthly review seems like a practical way to keep it relevant and effective.

Your active participation is greatly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to more insightful inputs from our community members.


Hi @Stan,

We are excited to hear you joined the Ops subDAO and will be responsible for supporting the community governance and the forum management going forward. Looking forward to collaborating with you and the team on building the best governance.

As you noticed, we (under the name of the account admin, Takeshi) have added a few comments on the document. While they sound critical to the points, we are grateful to see the community-based discussions and decision making on some of the important rules to be set for the community to adhere to. Hopefully, other community participants will also give their feedback and opinions to the doc (for that perspective, we would suggest to delay the deadline a little bit) and have more detailed discussions to make them official really soon.

Hello Stan,

Thank you for leading the effort to establish the dYdX Forum Code of Conduct. We appreciate your commitment to transparency, community engagement, and education.

After reviewing the initial draft, we want to express our support. The document effectively captures the essence of fostering a positive and inclusive community culture.

Thanks for fostering an environment where every voice is valued. We stand behind the proposed Code of Conduct and look forward to its implementation in shaping a functional and decentralized finance ethos.

Cristopher Vieira
dYdX Foundation - Portuguese Team

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Hey @Stan, welcome to the dYdX community! :handshake:

As a community grantor, I’m excited to see the upcoming developments in these key areas.

Some initial and basic thoughts on the dYdX Forum Code of Conduct:

  • Crowdsourcing from the community to shape this is key: how can we track and weight the diverse prospectives here on the Forum? I think there is a natural balance of productive “debate” (sometimes heated) which should be encouraged by the Code of Conduct and set forth examples of what this looks like by linking in top Forum posts.
  • Though simplicity rules here – a detailed investigation process (likely to be rarely used) should be presented in a way that brings in multiple types of contributors that can volunteer in this process to ensure fairness.
  • Random Idea: “Living Code of Conduct” by creating a clear process of amendment.

I hope this adds some food for thought!

~ Looking forward

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Hello everyone,

Firstly, I want to extend my sincere thanks to each of you - @tane, @lordcrisv, and @mgg - for your invaluable feedback and contributions to the dYdX Forum Code of Conduct. Your insights and suggestions are vital in shaping this foundational document.

@tane - Your critical comments are appreciated and have added depth to our discussions. I understand your concern about extending the deadline. However, it’s important to note that the Code of Conduct is a dynamic document, designed to evolve based on specific trends and challenges we encounter. Monthly reviews, incorporating community input, are planned to ensure it remains relevant and effective. This approach will also allow us to outline a more detailed striking process, as others have suggested. While we need to adhere to the current timeline, rest assured, there will be ample opportunity for ongoing input and refinement.

@lordcrisv - Obrigado for your support and endorsement. It’s heartening to know that the Code of Conduct resonates with your ethos. Your encouragement strengthens our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive community.

Hi @mgg thank you, your idea of a “Living Code of Conduct” is intriguing and aligns well with our vision of community-driven evolution. Your emphasis on balancing productive debate and detailed processes will be taken into account as we refine the document.

I stand by the principle of “see something, say and do something,” believing that it’s each of our responsibilities to uphold and promote the rules we set. This Code of Conduct is the cornerstone for fostering healthy, valuable, and growth-oriented conversations in our community.

As for the next steps, after November 27th, the document will be accessible only to contributors for further refinement until December 1st. We aim to have the final version ready by the end of that week. The official Code of Conduct will be announced and published on Monday, December 4th.

For any further feedback, support requests, or to report an issue, please use the following forms:

Your participation and engagement are what make our community strong and vibrant. Thank you again for your contributions and support.

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Thanks for your clarification, Stan!

If that’s the case, we believe the DAO should clearly define this document as a “Working” or “Living” document like Optimism does for their Constitution and always open up to public feedback on the forum, not through private Google Forms.

In any way, we’d appreciate your initiative and approach to collaborating with the community to make the Code of Conduct and other values official so that we have clear rules and guidelines to adhere to. Thank you. Let us know if anything we can help going forward.

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Thank you for your follow-up and valuable insights @tane.

I wholeheartedly agree with the importance of open, valuable conversations in the forum, which is precisely why we’re planning monthly events for open feedback. These initiatives will provide ample opportunities for the community to engage in meaningful discussions, share ideas, and offer feedback.

At the same time, I believe in the need for structured organization and goal tracking. This is where niche documents and dedicated collaboration spaces come into play. They help in focusing our collective efforts on specific aspects of community governance.

It’s also important to remember that feedback and report forms also play a crucial role. They offer an anonymous option for community members to share their insights or concerns without sparking heated debates. It’s also a tool for me to identify and acknowledge the most active and helpful community members.

Recognizing and valuing their contributions is crucial for fostering a supportive and engaged community.

I appreciate your suggestions and am open to exploring ways to incorporate them effectively.

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