Monthly Governance Talk vol.1 (JP)

We are “Nagoya Blockchain”.
We hold various activities such as study sessions and events related to blockchain mainly for students of Nagoya University and Nagoya Institute of Technology in the area of Nagoya, Japan.

We recently held a Twitter Space called “Monthly Governance Talk” on our Twitter.
It will be a loose meeting where we will talk about topics related to governance that we are interested in every month.
(The delivery is in Japanese, but if anyone is interested, please listen!)


  • ARIA (@aria_dieci)
    dYdX Endorsed Delegate

  • Marfie (@TN90803803)
    Cryptocurrency investor & Professional trader

  • Naoki Akazawa(@akazawa_naoki)
    Co-founder & CTO, Fracton Ventures

  • Beck(@ihrimi2115)

  • Funky Enough(@Funky_Enough_)
    Fracton Ventures

  • Ryota Maruoka
    Founder of Nagoya Blockchain

About dYdX
How do we move governance to Cosmos with dYdX V4?
Can the voting mechanism be migrated directly from Ethereum to Cosmos?
Migration of Dapps is a rare case and would set a new precedent

Q.Is it possible to migrate from ether to cosmos with a double token standard?
A.We have not been informed yet, but we think it will be bridged in some way.
Basically, this part will be done by the trading department, not DAO. (It will be fully DAO after V4)

Q.The coding language will be changed, and there will be algorithm changes, but will the governance contract also be rewritten this time?
A.If we use the Cosmos SDK, it will conflict with the current governance mechanism of Ethereum, and we are discussing it.
It can be done by setting up a validator, but it is technically and budgetarily difficult for each DAO person to set up a validator.

About Neo Tokyo Punks (NFT Project)
NFT projects in Japan are often top-down. →It is not DAO-like.
Because it is Art, it depends on individual talents.
The mission of the project is to create IP from Web3, and it is better for the founder creator to be prominent in the early stages of the project.
As a bottom-up approach, the community makes proposals, which are sometimes adopted, but this is not actively done and structured in the same way as DAO.

Q.NFT projects do not have much budgetary leeway compared to larger projects. There are not many financial incentives, but what about dYdX?
A.Currently, there is no reward for good proposals. However, there is a budget in the DAO as commission income, so it would be sustainable.
We do receive a budget when we hold events, and we are currently working to create a highly specialized subDAO. There is also a possibility that the DAO itself will receive a budget.

Neo Tokyo Punks has sold its first 2222 NFTs and is selling another collection as its second. Currently, they are in the process of launching an apparel brand business to generate ongoing revenue. We are in the process of looking for a profitable business, so we will have to create a revenue stream before we run short of funds.

Q. Are other NFT projects facing such problems?
A.For example, there is a project that is trying to make manga with NFT proceeds, and they are trying to make it sustainable with manga proceeds.

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We have a monthly meeting where we talk about governance topics, albeit in Japanese.
If you are interested, please DM me on twitter (@NagoyaU_Web3)!


Nice initiative to educate Japanese people about DAO and governance, maru! Looking forward to the next one.