Prioritizing Faster Listings

With isolated margins and AMM implemented, we must emphasize faster listings to stay competitive among numerous CEX and DEX platforms. For highly anticipated projects like LayerZero and ZKSync, we should list them immediately, ideally within hours of their spot trading going live. Initial days generate the highest volumes, and platforms like Aevo achieve volumes $4-5 million in these periods by listing quickly. Therefore, we need an expedited route for listing votes, bypassing the usual 4-day on-chain process.


why is there no option to submit a market for crude oil? or for iranian crude oil? or for chinese lithium price? and then do a set of twitter or weibo or wechat ads targeting users to see if they would be interested in trading it.

not one of these recently listings has been a success as far as liquidity wise. they are not tradeable with more than a few thousand dollars.