State of DYDX Finances Epoch 29

Considered.Finance presents the financial intelligence report for epoch 29.

Financial Report: Epoch 29

Those interested in clearly defined measures of performance of the protocol and the DAO will find this an interesting read. As always feedback, comments or constructive criticism are strongly encouraged.

We would like to highlight a few takeaways we feel are important from these reports. These are very much our opinion and we are not qualified to give any kind of advice.

For more detail see the full report . If there is a financial metric not included that you’d like to see let us know.

Thank you to @RealVovochka for help sourcing trader level data per epoch for the trader growth charts.


Thanks for this @0xCLR, I’ve always found your reports insightful. Will you be making 2 reports for epoch 30/epoch 1 for v3 and v4?


Crystal clear and straight to the point.
Thanks again for this state of DYDX Finances epoch review @0xCLR


Great question. :eyes:


Great report @0xCLR! Thanks


Thank you for the kind words @luisqa, @charles and @Callen_Wintermute.

To answer your question on incorporating v4. From epoch 30 onwards the plan is to shift the primary focus of these reports to v4 as the main driver of DYDX DAO economics.

v3 will be reported alongside as significant rewards are still being emitted there, but as these wind down it will likely only form part of high level exchange activity metrics (reported separately).