Staying informed with the dYdX community

Hi there,

I recently created a tool to help people stay informed across Web3, including the dYdX community: The dYdX community |

The tool aggregates, summarises (with an LLM), then ranks/prioritises governance discussions, so people can more efficiently stay informed.

I would love to hear any feedback on the tool, whether something is missing, and how i can build it out to be even more useful for the dYdX community.

Here are some example summaries of recent activity:
Governance discussion: [DRC] Upgrade Markets to Active on the dYdX Chain | dYdX
Pull request: #730: [IND-461] handle deleveraging events | dYdX
v4 code repository summary: dYdX Code

Feel free to reply here or DM me directly on twitter/telegram: daveytea


This is an excellent tool to stay on top of governance/code PRs! Looking forward to using this @daveytea!

Thanks! Let me know what i can improve/implement to make it more useful for you!