The Trader's Journey: Raw, Real, and Revealed

Hey dYdX Traders,

Something different from the usual tech-heavy talk to dive into something a bit more personal.

We’re curious:

  1. The Spark: What lit the fire under you to start trading? Was it inspiration, desperation, or a bit of both?
  2. The Grind: Tell us about the grind, the sweat, the ‘almost-threw-my-laptop-out-the-window’ frustrations. Were there moments you thought of quitting, and what kept you going?
  3. Profit Tales: Are you consistently profitable? Was there a ‘eureka’ moment, or is it the result of relentless trial and error?
  4. Strategic Gold: What’s the best strategy you’ve unearthed in your trading journey? The one you wish you’d known when you first started.
  5. Wisdom for the Road: Drop some truth bombs. What do you know now that you wish you’d known then?
  6. Rewind: If you could hop in a time machine, what would you change about your trading approach from the start?
  7. Discovering dYdX: How did you stumble upon dYdX, and what hooked you in? Was it love at first trade, or a slow burn?
  8. dYdX Wishlist: What’s one thing you enjoy on centralized exchanges that you’d love to see integrated into dYdX?