Tier free level but paying commisions

Hello, inside dYdX I see I’m in the “tier free” level (0.000% commisions under 100,000$) but in reality commisions are paid for each transaction I made. Can anyone help me to better understand? Thank you


Maybe its tx fee not trading fee, can share tx id?

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I’m referring to Maker/Taker Fee, as you can see the indication is Tier = Tier Free with 0% Maker/Taker fees as specified in the “Portfolio” section (but in reality it’s no 0%). At the end is not a big deal as rewarded dYdX coins have more or less similar value, however, there is something that doesn’t add up.

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I think that was removed to encourage migration v3 Updated Fee Schedule

Thank you. So, I assume, what in the picture could be considered as an error and not representative of the reality

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Unfortunately, I believe so