Understanding Rewards and Fees on the dYdX Chain

Want to know more about the different rewards mechanisms on the dYdX Chain?

:gift: dYdX Chain Rewards
:pager: Rewards types and Calculations
:baggage_claim: Claiming Staking Rewards and receiving Trading Rewards

With the launch of Full Trading, three different reward mechanisms are now enabled on the dYdX Chain: (1) Staking Rewards, (2) Trading Rewards, and (3) a 6-month Launch Incentive Program.

Staking Rewards are distributed predominantly in USDC on a per-block basis (a block is being produced on the dYdX Chain approximately every 1.07 secs, according to Mintscan) and need to be manually claimed by Stakers.

Trading Rewards are denominated in DYDX & are automatically distributed to the connected dYdX Chain addresses on a per block basis. No need to wait or to manually claim their Trading Rewards

50,000 DYDX per day in Trading Rewards are currently available to be earned by traders

Chaos Labs’ community-approved 6-month Launch Incentive Program aims to kick-start liquidity in the dYdX Chain and reward users for early adoption. Over $20M in DYDX will be distributed as part of the 6-month Launch Incentive Program. Rewards are retroactively distributed and subject to a dYdX Chain governance vote.

The dYdX Chain’s fee structure is a complex and integral component of its ecosystem, designed to foster network health, reward participation & ensure equitable distribution of fees :gift:

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