Unstaking from Ethereum

I am on dYdX Governance & Staking but can’t see how to unstake my DYDX tokens and/or claim rewards. I don’t see any unstake option and the CLAIM button is not working, I tried on several browser and OS but the result is always the same.

Could you please provide a step by step guide on how to do it from Etherescan contract?

thank you in advance


You can look at https://docs.dydx.community/dydx-governance/staking-pools/safety-staking-pool for more information on how to unstake your DYDX from the Safety Module.

To withdraw $DYDX from the Safety Module, follow these steps:

  • Go to dydx.community/dashboard/pools/safety
  • Click on “Request ”, and enter the amount of DYDX you want to request to withdraw from the pool.
  • Click “Request withdraw ”. You will need to pay gas fees to withdraw funds.
  • Stakers who request to withdraw DYDX at least 3 days before the current epoch ends can withdraw their DYDX at the start of the next epoch.

You can claim all your earned rewards on dYdX Governance & Staking

Via etherscan, you can claim all your rewards by connecting your wallet and calling claim from the Rewards Treasury dYdX: Rewards Treasury | Address 0xb9431e19b29b952d9358025f680077c3fd37292f | Etherscan