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Hey there, DYDX fam! Mevlüt here, speaking on behalf of Crypto Lion( We’re a group of passionate blockchain enthusiasts on Cosmos.

Our journey into the Web3/crypto space started in back 2021 when we all met through an ambassador program of a blockchain that shares the PoS technology. Each of us brings a unique set of skills to the table, ranging from community experts and developers to DevOps engineers, designers, and marketers. We are currently validating almost 20 different chains’ more than 5 thousand unique stakers main-net and also supporting them via running test-nets, helping the Turkish & Global communities with how staking/governance/participation works via article or social media channels.

Crypto Lion staking services provide continuous services with more than 2 years of experience, %99 uptime, backed by modern info-structure & monitoring services on networks like Crypto Org Chain,, Iris-net, and new-generation networks like Mars Protocol, and many more. While validation is a significant aspect of what we do, our involvement in the Web3 ecosystem extends beyond that. We’re giving operating service for tools like the Restake App, which allows delegators to auto-compound their rewards, providing an enhanced staking experience. Additionally, we’ve forked an open-sourced and Apache-licensed wallet repository, and an explorer to serve it for our delegators in different languages in the future, planning to serve them with our new website under development right now.

Looking ahead, our plans for the next five years are focused. We’ll continue to be actively involved in the community, keeping our finger on the pulse through social media engagement both locally and globally. As strong believers in the significance of network security, we are thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of DYDX. We would love to be part of the new DYDX v4 network as a validator, and we sincerely hope for the support of the community in this endeavor! :blue_heart:


I have staked my Cosmos tokens with Crypto Lion for the past year, and I have never encountered any problems. Everything has been smooth, and they are very active on Twitter. It’s great to see you guys here.

One of the most promising active validator on cosmos :v:

I know why I couldn’t say what I like to say… but anyway great place to stake

Hello it’s Adam here. I want to congratulate Crypto Lion team to step up and bring the best validator team to dYdX.

You have known for what you have done for Cosmos and I am absolutely sure that you will make dYdX even more decentralized.

I am looking forward to see you in dYdX validator set.

Hey @CryptoLionVal !

The @dYdXFoundation published the following guideline for validator intros in case you want to include some further detail: Validator Introduction Framework.

Thanks for the intro!

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Hi @Immutablelawyer, yes we aware of the post, yesterday I’ve written some draft, today I’ll finish it and repost it on another post because here I cannot edit this post. Anyway thanks so much for letting me know.


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Here is the framework covered version of our introduction, you may have a look: Validator Introduction - Crypto Lion

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Thanks for the intro!

I look forward to seeing you guys participate within the Ecosystem!

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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