Validator Introduction - Crosnest

Hello everyone, this is David from Crosnest here.

Crosnest is a professional Proof-of-Stake validator and decentralized infrastructure provider. We provide enterprise-level validation services to more than 30+ blockchain networks with $25 million worth of digital assets staked with our infrastructure.
Our team has been operating validator nodes since 2020 starting with the chain, and is currently one of the largest Cosmos ecosystem validators actively engaging in supporting IBC relayers.

Our team has supported mission-critical blockchain infrastructure projects since the beginning, and we believe that dYdX deserves the best set of validators available. A successful launch of dYdX v4 is important and must be done via committed and technically impeccable teams, as it has been at the forefront of innovation, building one of the most successful perp exchange platforms. We therefore volunteer to support dYdX v4, a sovereign chain built using CometBFT and Cosmos-SDK.

We look forward to supporting dYdX v4 with our validator and infrastructure. Running validation services is our business, and we have a proven track record of running the most demanding chains with the highest quality of service. Appchains such as Injective or Sei, Bridges such as Axelar or GravityBridge.

Looking forward to reading from you and meeting you.

Crosnest Team