A Take on the dYdX DAO’s Near Future

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On November 3, 2022, dYdX Foundation published A Take on the dYdX DAO’s Near Future .

The dYdX Foundation released this blog post to provide a potential short-term roadmap for the dYdX DAO, so the dYdX community may discuss, iterate on a plan, and take the necessary steps to be prepared for the Mainnet launch of dYdX V4 and beyond. This thread is meant for the dYdX community to openly provide feedback and discuss the blog post.

We will be re-posting some constructive comments from the community, and hope the discussions can continue here. Thank you!

– dYdX Foundation


From @Nascor ,

I like the proposal and believe it makes sense to split core functional areas in subDAOs. A lot of the suggested activities that the subDAOs will undertake, seem to already be performed to a large extent by the dYdX Foundation. Ideally, and what I think would have been proposed eventually, would be to transfer some members from the dYdX Foundation to the Operation’s subDAO, to get things started, and eventually have the majority of the dYdX Foundation be transferred to the other subDAOs once they are formed. Our end goal, in my opinion, should be to only have a handful of members in the Foundation, who will continue to foster community-led growth, development, and self-sustainability for the DAO and subDAOs. Irrelevant of whether all of the above will play out as such, and for the community to have an overview of the current state of the dYdX ecosystem, I would very much appreciate it if someone from the dYdX Foundation could list the current members of the Foundation and their role, including the contractors, and basically anyone who is actively involved in the Foundation’s daily operations, or to link to a page with a complete list. A lot of community members have no idea who is behind the dYdX Foundation, and on the official page, only the council members are listed. A simple list in this format: “Name or Alias - Role” would be very much appreciated.

From @Anna_Petrenko | Everstake:

In the process of analysing the proposed model for the DAO initiative implementation, our team came to the following conclusions:

  1. The clear benefits that the dYdX can achieve by launching the DAO are both decentralization and transparency, and also, autonomy

  2. Another indisputable advantage is the speed of decision-making, especially in the context of creating a sub-DAO in the relevant areas.

  3. Сreation of a sub-DAO structure will allow optimally achieving Sustainable Development Goals, which are key-important.

  4. It would be great to also have expert groups in the initial (limited) period - which will make it possible to analyse and evaluate the prospects for the effectiveness of the DAO in certain areas

  5. It would also be useful to describe the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the operation of both each individual sub-DAO and the system as a whole, this would greatly simplify the process of effectiveness’ evaluating and interpreting the results for a wide range of users, which, in turn, would allow to achieve greater transparency.

  6. it would be very useful and informative for the community members to form a roadmap with their participation (for each Sub DAO separately) with a plan for half a year or a year ahead and with specific goals and deadlines.

  7. If we consider the DAO initiative in terms of time frames, we would suggest that it could look like this:

  • (i) today - the understanding the community would like to have about creating sub DAO - Operations - OKR and roadmap of this Sub DAO. It would also be very interesting to get acquainted with the list of initiatives for the near future, which should go through the DAO (so that the community can see the current initiatives from dYdX itself at an early stage and suggest some changes).

  • (ii) at the time of the Mainnet launch of dYdX V4 (scheduled for Q2 2023) - a list of participants in the planned Sub DAOs, and distribution of roles within

  • (iii) beyond the launch of dYdX V4. - roadmap and OKR of other Sub DAOs (Community, Grows, Risks&Analytics, Finance&Treasury Management), measurable metrics

Summing up, we can see that a huge work has been done, the initiative to form the DAO complex has been worked out in detail and logically structured, and it’s absolutely clear, that such a structure will bring significant benefits to dYdX and its community.

Our team delighted analysing the DAO structure proposed for discussion, and will be happy to contribute to the project’s ecosystem development.

Sincerely, Everstake Team

From @foxlabs:

  • After the potential formation of an Operations subDAO and the creation of a DAO playbook, it will likely be important for the dYdX community to establish additional subDAOs to focus on other key functional areas of the protocol and the DAO, such as finance and treasury management, growth, risk management, community, and/or others.

We should start talking about this. What sort of subDAOs do we need? Who takes control of what? We would certainly put our hand up for managing a growth DAO. The community DAO and treasury management DAO also seem like a no-brainer.

Seeming @Alucard.eth is the go-to man in the community, and he basically runs things now in that department it makes sense for him to manage a community DAO.

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