Community Call w/Synthetix re. Governance

Hello everyone!

On Wednesday (24th May) at 10am ET (3pm GMT), the dYdX Community will be having a Community Call with a member from Synthetix to discuss the topic of governance (with specific reference and points of discussion on the Synthetix governance model and how it has been moulded and optimised over the years). This is a great opportunity for us to learn from the successes, failures, highs and lows experienced by Synthetix in their journey of progressive decentralisation!

In consideration of the fact that the allocated time-slot above might lead to some users not being able to join the Community Call, I am posting this thread on the Forum so as to let you write any questions you may want asked to the Synthetix team member below. Naturally, the questions with the highest number of up-votes will get priority in the questionnaire phase of the Call.

Thanks to @Cliff from the @dYdXFoundation for organising!

Post your governance-related questions below!


It is great to hear that!

I am really interested in knowing if there are any drawbacks to having to vote for each council member (Spartan, Grants, Ambassador, and Treasury) each epoch in terms of efficiency.
And how is the process of introducing a new member to the council?

I really like this way of choosing members for each role.


Thanks @Immutablelawyer. Reposting a previous post here wrt ideas on decentralising any committee (Eg grants etc)- which had direct refs from SNX as well.
Some links within direct you to their DAO structures for ref too.


Thanks for posting this @Immutablelawyer ! To clarify, it’ll be 2pm GMT (10am ET). I’ve created a Discord event for this chat, and will look to host this on Google Meet too. Meeting details in the Discord event.

Synthetix’s council model is relatively novel as compared to the conventional ‘one-token-one-vote’ model that many ecosystems, dYdX included, uses in governance. Matt has been a Synthetix advocate since its founding days and definitely has much to share on community governance.

To @Immutablelawyer 's point, if you can’t attend this session and have questions for Matt, feel free to pen them down in this thread and we’ll help to get those questions out! Looking forward to the chat fam.

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