Bring value to dydx token ASAP

I have made a small research what largest rewards receivers do with their tokens.

I decided to check what biggest rewards receivers (both LP and trading) do with their tokens
No expert in Dune so I did it manually some numbers are a little rounded

I excluded wintermute because of their structure moving tokens to multisig etc
Here is a list of 25 wallets which got 2/3 of all rewards in last 5 Epochs (17-21)
My findings are:
Out of 10,671,967 rewards 98.96% were sold and most of the time immediately after claiming.

Why biggest users of dydx don’t want to hold a token? Lets discuss

Transaction mining is not beneficial to the agreement in the long run, and what is lost is the confidence of the community. The best exchanges must not rely on transaction mining to achieve long-term growth. So transaction mining must be cancelled.