Developing a Next-Level Analytics Dashboard for dYdX V4: Requesting Community Feedback

Hello dYdX Community,

We’re looking to develop a best-in-class analytics dashboard for dYdX V4. Our aim is to deliver insights that bring clarity to market trends, statistics, and overall network activity, helping you make informed decisions.

We are committed to building a dashboard that goes beyond being just informative - it should meet your specific needs and enhance your dYdX experience. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate your insights on the types of data, analytics, and market information you would find most useful.

At this stage, we are contemplating including the following features:

Market Metrics: Comprehensive data detailing the trading activities within dYdX, offering a holistic view of current market conditions.

Positions: Insights on long/short ratios, open interest, and trade counts, helping you gauge market sentiment.

Activity: Detailed statistics such as trading volume, active accounts, and fees paid, for a clear understanding of platform dynamics.

Liquidity Maps: Visual representations of liquidity distribution, allowing for easy identification of liquidity hotspots.

Liquidations: Real-time updates on liquidations with granular detail, keeping you abreast of significant market events.

We would love to hear your feedback on these planned features. What do you find most valuable? What else would you like to see incorporated?

In addition, if you’ve come across any other dashboards or platforms that present similar data effectively, we’d be grateful if you could share those examples with us. Screenshots, links, or even descriptive feedback would be incredibly useful as we refine our design.

Your thoughts and ideas are pivotal in our quest to create a high-value, user-centric analytics tool. We eagerly await your responses and thank you in advance for your invaluable insights!

Note: If you want to play around with our prototype design, feel free to do so here. But this is for ‘volume’, and ‘all positions’ only. And uses v3 data. And it is currently only for all laptop and external monitor screen sizes.

Here is a screenshot of a design idea you could expect from our Market Metrics:


Nice looks like a duplicate of chaos labs works.
they are building this under grants. dYdX Grant: dYdX Tooling Services

Hey @dillon, you’re right that Chaos Labs is working on tooling for dYdX under a grant. However, our focus is slightly different. We aim to create tools that are specifically tailored to trading, providing you with valuable insights to make informed trades. Our goal is to enhance your trading experience on the platform.

We’ve been informed that there are no plans to carry over the layer two dashboard, so it’s crucial for someone like ourselves to build this tool. This way, we can ensure you don’t miss out on valuable information during your trading activities.

i see. how much will your service be

Link to the prototype has been updated. Please go here to play around with it.

That is hard to say until we get our hands on the indexer, work out what data is available and if we need to work around that. Developing software is never easy to put timeframes or quote on but you will find out the exact cost assuming the grant is approved.

The dashboard looks very nice, thinking about some missing metrics that would be helpful to add:

  1. Protocol fee/market: how much fee dydx protocol collected/market
  2. Validators dashboard: I dont see it in your dashboard design, not sure if its missing or out of scope
  3. Overall market trend line: something similar to dydx, prefer using different section to show charts instead of using filter condition as your design because its more simple and more transparent to user.

Last comment is not sure which audience is the target of this dashboard? Trader, operator, investor…? As an user and dydx token holder, I prefer more general metrics such as volume, revenue, active user no#… chart trend.
Thank you.

Thanks for your input @nguyenhd2107.

Certainly, the final product will include the protocol fee per market, providing a detailed view based on time frame also.

Our dashboard is primarily geared toward traders, hence the absence of a Validators Dashboard. Could you specify what you’d like on it?

Certainly, we can add cumulative trend lines for enhanced visibility in the final product. We aim for a design that is simple, adaptable for all screen sizes, and tailored to user-specific viewing preferences with minimal scrolling. A grid view displaying multiple charts is an option we might explore, albeit with caution to avoid data overload. Concurrently, we’re considering developing a summary or index page that provides an overall picture at a glance. This could potentially serve as an alternative view for users.

This approach looks good to me, you can show left nav so user can quickly navigate to expected item.

I think we already have it here Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation, although this one missing some comprehensive metrics such as reward fee.
If your dashboard target is just for trader I think its fine, lets focus on it first.

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