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Chaos Labs is thrilled to introduce the dYdX Chain Analytics and Risk Monitoring Portal, a significant development in our continued partnership with the dYdX community. This portal encompasses the emerging dYdX Chain, providing valuable insights and risk assessment capabilities. Additionally, it features a dynamic leaderboard that offers real-time tracking and visibility into traders’ points, providing transparency and clarity regarding their positions in the Launch Incentives Program.

What is the dYdX Chain?

Elevating the Decentralized Trading Experience

The dYdX Chain represents a significant leap in the evolution of decentralized trading platforms. Transitioning from a Layer 2 solution on Ethereum, it morphs into an independent blockchain within the Cosmos ecosystem. This version introduces a fully decentralized framework, by operating on its own chain with dedicated validators. In addition, open-sourcing the dYdX Chain code enhances transparency and fosters community engagement in protocol development. This rollout signifies a commitment to full decentralization and aims to offer unparalleled transaction speeds of up to 2,000 transactions per second, setting a new standard in DeFi efficiency and scalability.

dYdX Chain Risk Hub: Platform Deep Dive

Chaos Labs’ Risk Hub for the dYdX Chain integrates seamlessly with the protocol, providing a comprehensive view of the market dynamics and risk factors.


The Overview section of the Risk Hub offers a high-level perspective of the dYdX Chain across all markets and accounts, including trading volume, number of trades, open interest, and funding rates. This dashboard provides insights into aggregated metrics and time series data, helping users identify trends and anomalies in market behavior.

The overview screen provides high-level information aggregated from all pools and markets, including Trading Volume, Open Interest, and Funding Rates.


The Markets tab presents a detailed view of all markets on the dYdX Chain, including critical data such as open interest, the balance of short and long positions, and the average leverage used. This section provides users with a broad perspective of market activities and dynamics.

The market tab displays overview information, including long market assets, the amount of Open Interest, the number of Short and Long positions, and the average leverage size on each side.

Market Detail

Selecting a market leads to a more detailed analytics page, offering insights into the order book liquidity and market funding rate. Time series data for asset prices and open interest are also available for in-depth market analysis.

Market details page showing in-depth and over-time data about the market.

Order Book information shows current liquidity and historical distribution in different price spreads.

The Realized PnL shows traders realized profits and losses in this market over time

The Positions section within the market page lists all currently open positions within that market.


The Positions page acts as a comprehensive search engine for all positions on the dYdX Chain, encompassing both open and settled positions. Users can filter positions by various criteria, including asset, profit and loss, leverage, and position type.

The positions tab shows all currently opened and recently closed positions, with high-level information about each.

Account Details

Accessing an account’s detail page provides a comprehensive snapshot, showcasing both active and settled positions linked to that account. Recognizing the complexity of trading strategies, dYdX supports the creation of multiple subaccounts under a single main account, allowing trades to be compartmentalized. If there are several subaccounts, the interface conveniently provides a switch to navigate between them seamlessly. This design is tailored to give users an in-depth view of their trading activities, making it easier to evaluate and refine their trading approaches.

The Account Details page also includes information about the Launch Incentives Program Reward Points earned by the trader. Reward Points represent the amount of trader activity on the dYdX platform, and are distributed in 4 trading seasons, each 4-6 weeks long. Launch Incentives are paid to traders by the end of each trading season based on the amount of points gained during the season.

The account details page lists all open and closed positions of a specific wallet as well as data about the collateral and Reward Points earned.


The Liquidations tab aggregates data on protocol liquidations over different time frames and provides graphical representations of liquidation events. This feature aids users in understanding the risk and frequency of liquidations within the protocol. The Liquidation table shows full details about each liquidation and its fills, with a link to the relevant block.

The liquidations tab shows all recent protocol liquidation events with details about each liquidation event and data aggregation by market.

Launch Incentives Leaderboard

The Leaderboard tab shows the real-time status of Reward Points gained by traders as part of the dYdX Launch Incentives Program. The leaderboard acts as an essential tool, tracking the points accumulated by traders participating in the dYdX Chain Launch Incentives Program. It’s structured to provide a clear and objective display of each trader’s points balance throughout the trading seasons. The leaderboard enables traders to anticipate the rewards they stand to receive at the close of each season, based on their active engagement and trading volume on the dYdX Chain.

The Incentives Program Leaderboard shows real-time Reward Points earned by traders.

About the dYdX Chain Launch Incentives Program
The dYdX Chain Launch Incentives Program is set to incentivize traders and market makers to onboard onto the new dYdX Chain. In this program, traders earn points reflecting the trading activity on the platform over four trading seasons. Each season lasts 4-6 weeks and presents fresh opportunities to earn rewards, with the points-based system ensuring equitable and transparent incentive allocation in line with your trading activity and market engagement.

Read more about the details of the program in our dedicated blog post.

Next steps

The launch of the Analytics and Risk Platform is part of an overall partnership between Chaos Labs and the dYdX community to support the successful launch of the dYdX Chain. As part of this collaboration, we will introduce Performance-Based rewards starting in the second trading season of the incentives program, in addition to the existing Trading Activity-Based allocation of Reward Points. The new Performance-Based rewards will be allocated using a multi-tier league-based performance competition between traders, with prizes varying between the tiers. We will share more details ahead of the second trading season.

Our platform is constantly evolving and growing to meet our users’ needs. We invite the dYdX community to explore the platform and provide your feedback.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us, reach out on Twitter or leave a comment here on the forums.


This is brilliant work! Excited to see the many ways this will be used.

I’d be interested to see if a “quarterly” survey to active users might help hone how this is presented and ordered and to gather feedback on usage. Maybe it could be done on the forums.

Looking forward :100:


Great work!

Can you shed some light on the leaderboard:

  1. What does a point mean? Can you provide the calculation of a point (e.g. how does it relate to USD 1 of taker fees)
  2. What elements of the Launch Incentives are included in this leaderboard? Is is only taker activity or does it include the performance-based prizes and does it include the Supplemental LP Rewards?
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Thanks for the feedback and questions @derfk and @mgg!

We are happy to announce that the new section showing Market Making rewards is now live on the leaderboard!

Additionally, starting from the second trading season, we will also be launching the performance-based rewards as a new League tab on the leaderboard.

Regarding the point system - each point corresponds to the activity of traders on the dYdX platform, as measured by taker fees and taker volume, i.e. the higher the taker fees and volumes a trader has, the more points they will earn.
At the end of the trading season, rewards will be allocated based on the percentage of points held by each account of the total points earned by all users. As a reminder, the rewards for trading activity constitute 80% of the total rewards for the first Trading Season, while Market Making (MM) rewards make up the remaining 20%.

Please note that the final distribution of rewards will be done at the end of the trading season and after removing points attributed to wash trading activities.

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