[DRC] Add HUAHUA-USD to the dYdX Chain

Disclaimer: This document is a draft proposal and is not the final version. It is intended for discussion and feedback within the dYdX Chain community. All details, suggestions, and strategies presented are open for consideration and are subject to change based on community input.

Simple Summary

Proposal to add HUAHUA-USD to the dYdX Chain.


Popular meme coins like DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE are already available for trading on dYdX. We propose adding the Cosmos meme coin Chihuahua ($HUAHUA) to dYdX. To deepen the partnership, we will relay information and provide metrics every two weeks.

Next Steps

  • January 2024: Consolidate and refine this proposal based on community inputs before submitting it for on-chain consideration.
  • Mid February 2024: Initiate the on-chain proposal process.
  • Are there plans to promote HUAHUA-trading on dYdX?
  • How will this relate to the intended HUAHUA-swap?
  • Will there be pools where DOGE/SHIB/PEPE are also included to fortify the meme-hub story Chihuahua wants to be?
  • Are there specific targets to be met to be included in the bi-weekly metrics?
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Indeed, there will be a full marketing plan going for it, probably will be added on the original post on January.
Huahuaswap isn’t perp or similar to dYdX, it’s just the place going with all features and pools and new token generation. You can see it as the uniswap of chihuahua chain, different purposes.
Pools and meme staking is planed on Chihuahua chain on the huahuaswap too, so it reinforce the already there pools on dYdX!
No specfic target, we want to update and show the engagement of the community that could befinit dYdX community too!

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Hi @Chihuahua team,

It’s great to see another proposal to add a pair to the new dYdX. Going forward, we should definitely consider the smooth process for new pairs to be added while taking the permissionless market concept and specifications into account. (Good for us to revisit Comparing Permissionless Listing Methodologies presented by @chaoslabs soon)

Until then, it would be good to follow some format of proposals for adding pairs into the new dYdX market. We liked how adding TIA-USD pair was proposed and discussed via [DRC] Add TIA-USD to the dYdX Chain, helped by Chaos Labs with their detailed analysis. We believe some of the data can be provided by the proposer on future proposals.

Looking forward to more comprehensive details to be filled for further considerations by the community.


Chihuahua is the first and premier meme chain in the Cosmos ecosystem with the largest TVL and highest market cap.

Since its launch about two years ago, it has grown a large, diverse, and vibrant community in the Cosmos. There is a whole suite of applications built on top HUAHUA and there is much more in the pipeline.

We believe, that the first perp dex to support HUAHUA will greatly benefit from the degen power and love of the HUAHUARMY. Here are some useful references and cool coverages that help to understand Chihuahua chain:

Chihuahua chain invited by Ran Neuer from Crypto Banter

Chihuahua deep dive by Cryptocito:

Interview with Chihuahua founder by Cryptocito:

My own tweet about why Chihuahua will succeed: