dYdX Chain Protocol v4.0 Upgrade Proposal is LIVE!

Hello dYdX Community,

We want to announce that the dYdX Chain Protocol v4.0 Upgrade proposal is now live.

This next version introduces substantial enhancements aimed at improving the platform’s functionality and security:

Proposal link - Mintscan

Proposed Block Height - 12791712

The community is now supporting the proposal through votes. This is an opportunity to contribute towards the dYdX’s future development.

We encourage every dYdX community member to actively participate in the voting process. Your support is invaluable as we continue to innovate and enhance the dYdX Chain.

Thank you for your continued support and active participation.

dYdX Operations SubDAO


I have previously raised a concern regarding the proposed withdrawal limit, as discussed in the recent Discord session. I understand that a recording of the entire session is to be made available. Could you kindly provide me with the link to access this video?
Thank you for your assistance.

I’m eager to share my concerns regarding the IBC Withdrawal Rate Limit but it seems I might be facing some restrictions as a new user, which currently prevents me from creating a new thread.

Hi @erience, welcome to the dYdX Governance Forum, could you please share more context on which video you are referring to?

It seems that your account has been just created, currently, you are at trust level 0.

Only accounts with Trust Level 1 and above can create topics, this is a prevention to avoid spam, low-value discussions, and bad actors.

You can reach Trust Level 1 by engaging with other community members on the forum.

With that said, please avoid leaving unrelated to-topic comments, such action could penalize your account.