[DRC]: dYdX Foundation Fundraising Proposal

On behalf of the entire PRO Delegators’ validator team, I am pleased to announce our support for this funding proposal.

To provide some context, foundations in the blockchain industry have faced their fair share of controversies over the years. Originating from the traditional finance industry, where regulations and compliance establish a fundamental standard for transparency and accounting, in the realm of crypto, these standards are not yet universally enforced. This is the primary reason why Govmos has consistently supported those who voluntarily disclose information, adhering to the highest standards even when not strictly required.

Having reviewed thousands of company statements throughout my career, I must acknowledge that the details provided in this forum post are nearly on par with these standards. Therefore, we wish to commend these actions with a warm and genuine thank you.

On a complementary note, we scrutinized all the financial details in this proposal, searching for potential adjustments or positive feedback, but found none. Ratios are balanced, projections are realistic, and the requested amounts are not excessive. To us, these metrics bear witness to the professionalism of the Foundation, and as such, we are more than happy to offer our support to extend their runway for a few more years.

Thank you for reading!