[DRC] Launch Incentives Season 1 - Distribution Proposal

I don’t see any previous votes

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@SuperCeMent saw the proposals in testnet. Testnet used for testing the proposal parameters I believe. It is the first an only proposal at mainnet

I understand you, but why then was it necessary to hold two different votes? Doesn’t this seem very strange to you?

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here’s the vote Mintscan

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It’s no strange to me. You can check most of the proposals were tested at testnet first.

Support, as everyone unanimously repeated only one thing, is waiting for the end of voting, first one, then the second, to distribute the rewards. The third voting has already begun. I read your posts above, you offered help and saw sources of volumes from one account, this is considered fraud. But I understand that they missed it for the next vote, right?

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Chaos labs is making this proposal I only add some additional data. I have no idea what they use in the next season distribution. I hope it will be much faster

Congratulations to the community, the vote has passed.


so… vote has passed, when will we get the rewards?
No communication on that still.
This bureaucracy is worse than US Postal service

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Vote havent passed yet

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to @chaoslabs, thanks for all work here. These off to a good start.

Moving fwd, we would like to see more attention paid to unit economics data. for example:

what does $5m in spend yield?

  • more or less than $5m in trading fees this epoch?
  • TVL and users acquired? How many of these will be retained and what is their LTV?

basic CAC / LTV metrics here should be table stakes and core part of this report. ROI data is the most important thing for capital allocation decisions. Having this data in future should also make governance process much more efficient as impact will be clear. But right now we flying a bit blind by approving loss leading grants without this key info.

Thanks again for work here. Hope to see these reports evolve this way in future.