[DRC] Launch Incentives Season 4 - Distribution Proposal

Simple Summary

A proposal to distribute $5M in DYDX tokens from the dYdX Chain Community Treasury to qualifying users. in trading season 4 of the dYdX Chain Launch Incentives Program.


In line with the initial proposal shared with the community regarding the Launch Incentives Program, Chaos Labs will provide recommendations on the distribution of incentives to individual accounts.

These recommendations are derived following a detailed analysis of the season’s trading data, specifically looking to identify and address any artificial or wash trading. Our aim in this is to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the program, ensuring that the incentives are fairly given to those participating in genuine trading activities on the platform. For a deeper understanding of how Chaos Labs identifies wash trading, please refer to our detailed blog post here.

The recommendations, the end-of-season report, and relevant data are openly published on the dYdX Chaos Labs Risk Portal. This transparency allows community members to see that accounts receiving substantial rewards contribute significant volume and generate actual fees on the platform. Those in the community who wish to verify this data independently can do so, as all information is verifiable on-chain.


In this allocation, $5M in DYDX tokens are proposed to be distributed across 4,142 accounts.

The value of DYDX in USD for this allocation is based on a 7-day Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) as of this proposal’s publication date (05/30/2024), where 1 DYDX equals 2.044 USD.

The complete list of accounts and their respective proposed incentive allocations is available here.

To view the historical trading data for each account, please visit the Chaos Labs portal here.


The DGP will help create the proposal payload using these addresses and reward amounts. This will undergo the usual testing on the dYdX Testnet before being submitted for an on-chain vote.

Next Steps

Chaos Labs will sponsor a dYdX Chain on-chain proposal for the community to vote on the proposed incentive distribution early next week.


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Throughout the program, Chaos Labs’ role is confined to providing recommendations regarding the allocation of rewards. The actual implementation and distribution of said rewards are subject to the formal approval process of the dYdX Chain governance votes. Any actions pertaining to reward distribution shall only be executed following affirmative governance votes within the dYdX Chain framework.


@chaoslabs It looks like new user rewards not included in proposed incentive allocations. Weren’t there more than 1500 new users in season4?

Hi @dline, please note that the first deposit bonus was included for the 1500 highest point scoring first time depositors.

@chaoslabs I guess the first deposit bonus allocation is incorrect. Please recheck it.
You were allocated rewards here to the same 1500 users who received the first deposit bonus on season 3.
But looks like any of the real first deposit users on season 4 not going to get rewards.

as example,
dydx1urnexammlu4flqk898t8d8cx80yygf75gn25sm - this user is first deposit user on season 4 and his rank is 705 but he will get only 18 ( $37 ) rewards.

dydx176mlk4j87d3ad02n8u79we4s02k7stm8l0jxth - but this user going to get 49 ( $100 ) rewards, but his rank is 4630. And doesn’t have much activity in season 4, but he is a first deposit user in season 3.

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Hey @chaoslabs , it looks like any of the first deposit users on season 4 not going to get rewards.

I am a newbie to DYDX, and my address is dydx19kv870xvsg07menhu5xu6qzyqt6gm0f70zg6xt, and my rank is 1.2K but I got only $5 dydx rewards.

Yes, i had just checked few accts as well, I think the observations highlighted by community seems to be correct. @chaoslabs - Please consider rechecking first deposit bonus

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I find rage.trade is in partnership with DYDX, so I was trading DYDX in the rage.trade website using its aggregator.

thanks for the comments @Monke @sagar @dline we are looking into this and will provide an update on this thread.

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We have updated the link to the list of accounts and their proposed incentives in the proposal, which can be found here.


Nahhh you kidding :sob: I fell from 300+ to 600+ brooo ??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It now looks like correct. @chaoslabs thank you very much for your efficient and hard working.

I am the sad man, my address is in the original list(> 50 dydx), but now is excluded the first bonus in the new list. My first deposit is during 1th ~ 15th april. It seemed that I am the season-3 user, but I didn’t get the first deposite bonus in season3 list, and now I missed the season-4 bonus again. Do you use the same statistics method for the season-3 list? @chaoslabs , somebody may deposite money in the season-ending days, he cannot get any bonus, because he cannot earn enough points in limit days, and will be excluded for the next new season.

@chaoslabs, I mean if you should consider give the bonus to the users, who is the new of season-3, but didn’t get the season-3 bonus, But he meet the season-4 bonus condition?

The first deposit criteria for Season 4 remain the same as in Season 3, offering a limited first deposit bonus of $100 for up to 1,500 new accounts. If more than 1,500 new accounts start trading the bonus is awarded to the 1,500 new accounts with the highest taker volume.

The proposal for rewards distribution is now live - Mintscan

We look forward to seeing the community participate in the vote.

I scan the list randomly, I see lots of account who get 50+ dydx with the bot future: only 12 usdt account balance, only trading active in season-4, no actives in season-5, buy-sell in 1 minutes, and buy-sell-buy-sell in 1minutes, There are not real users, for example: dydx1g4rwjv4mfkz40sj3ut9tclgspqsayym3lzp2ag, dydx1hawkvjcjsk6zr08d5t07xwmewvpq7acp0l22yk,
… lots of such accounts

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hundreds of such account, last trading activities in 27th May, similar trading activities, buy-sell in 1 minutes, with 12 dollar balance, It seemed controlled buy one person. I think you should excluded such addresses the only purpose is to obtain the bonus, and go away


@chaoslabs i agree with this tt tt person :joy::+1:t3:

If more than 1,500 new accounts start trading the bonus is awarded to the 1,500 new accounts with the highest taker volume.

For Seanson 5: there are some multipliers, so the multiplier is applied to the new accounts criteria?

Great work and thank you for launching the Incentives Program.