DYDX Bridge and Staking Interface with Metamask

On Mintscan’s user interface, you can bridge and stake your DYDX tokens from Ethereum to dYdX Chain, using Metamask only.

There’s no need to expose your secret phrase from installing a new wallet and exporting your secret phrase.

The public bridge user interface made by dYdX Operations subDAO lets you bridge your tokens to dYdX Chain, but it doesn’t support staking. Mintscan’s interface generates dYdX Chain address, using the same logic with the Operations subDAO’s interface and the dYdX trading app. So our interface allows the users to bridge, stake, and trade on dYdX with one secret phrase on Metamask wallet.

If you’ve already bridged your DYDX tokens via the public bridge user interface, you can use our interface for staking.

Mintscan is dYdX Chain’s official block explorer partner, powered by Cosmostation. Cosmostation is a dYdX Chain genesis validator and a key player in the Cosmos ecosystem, providing invaluable infrastructure legos essential for scaling and onboarding users onto blockchain networks.

Follow the instructions in the guide to bridge and stake:

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENzMV5TkmtY




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