Public Bridge User Interface is now live!

Our user interface for bridging is now available :bridge_at_night:

You can bridge your ethDYDX tokens from Ethereum to the dYdX Chain via;

Follow the dYdX Foundation step-by-step guide on How to Bridge👇

The Website is not offered to any persons or entities who reside in, are citizens of, are located, are incorporated in, have registered office/s or principal place/s of business in restricted jurisdictions.

Restricted jurisdictions can be viewed below👇

During the Alpha Stage there are no trading capabilities, therefore no rewards will be distributed.

:exclamation:Users should not interact with the User Interface or engage in staking to Validators without proper knowledge, understanding and without DYOR (do your own research)

Read the Bridge User Interface article

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Very glad to see the interface for bridging live, congrats !

We made a small article to explain step by step how to use the dYdX bridge How to bridge on dYdX Chain - by Huzmønd - Enigma Reports don’t hesitate to take a look if you need help :raised_hands: