dYdX Chain User Support Update

Hello dYdX community,

Below is a brief overview of the support function provided by ACX International, following the community’s activation of full trading on the dYdX Chain.

  • dYdX Chain Support Launch: dYdX chain support has been initiated with the full backing of the user support team, diligently addressing 665 tickets in December.
  • Exceptional Performance: Despite occasional incidents related to the new release, the ACX International team successfully maintained a world-class, customer-centric approach.
  • Efficient Issue Resolution: Any issues encountered were promptly reported to the engineers, ensuring users were consistently updated until the fixes were implemented. There have been significant improvements to the deposit and withdrawal functionality in the past 2 weeks, and users can expect these to work seamlessly going forward.
  • Accessible Resources: The self-service bot and help center articles strive to serve as users’ primary point of contact, with user support agents standing by to provide further guidance and conduct in-depth investigations when needed.
  • Commitment to Development: The team is dedicated to ongoing development, ensuring preparedness to handle increasingly complex cases efficiently.
  • Future Reporting: Going forward, the team aims to enhance transparency by publishing a quarterly report on the forum, offering further insights. We appreciate feedback on how to enhance our reporting for the benefit of the user community.

Let’s plan to meet soon to discuss a more extensive and advanced report at the end of the upcoming quarter. :rocket:


Thanks, this is so insightful!