dYdX Chain Q2 2024 User Support Progress Report

Key Statistics:

First Contact Resolution Rate: 74%

Median First Response Time: 8 minutes

Chat Volume: 1407 chats

User Satisfaction: 93% CSAT score

Total Article Views: 23000 views

Most Addressed Cases: Deposit delays, Protocol Version Mismatch, Wallet Connection error.


Greetings to the dYdX community! I am Arevig, a member of the ACX International Team, dedicated to providing user support for dYdX chain users. As we look back on the second quarter of 2024, we are thrilled to share our user progress report, showcasing the significant advancements we have made in delivering support and user experience.

Major Accomplishments and Enhancements:

User Support and Feedback Coordination for v5.0 Launch:
With the rollout of v5.0 and its new features, our User Support team actively engaged users, enhancing their knowledge base and expertise. Comprehensive feedback on user issues and requests was conscientiously gathered, users were pointed to submit feedback on the new feedback board, feature requests & error handling was actively communicated to the relevant teams to continuously improve user experience.

Training Workshops:
Detailed data collection from the previous quarter highlighted that most support cases involved deposits and withdrawals, including delays, errors, and process-related issues.

In response, comprehensive training sessions were conducted for the User Support agents, significantly reducing escalations and dependency on Tier 2 support.

These training programs covered tracking techniques for deposits and withdrawals to precisely identify and address Cross-Chain and Multi-Asset Support Solutions.

Seamless CRM Migration:
The User Support team maintained smooth operations during the CRM system migration. This process involved closing all open conversations for May, as well as transferring CRM automations, macros, and analytics. The team managed these tasks efficiently alongside daily operational responsibilities, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption.

Enhanced Collaboration and Incident Management:
One key improvement from the previous quarter was establishing a faster and more efficient incident management process. We enhanced collaboration channels with third-party bridging partners to expedite reporting lines and address user pain points more efficiently. Internal process improvements, such as the software upgrade playbook, deployment notifications, and status page monitoring, are being implemented to enhance incident preparation.

Continuous Initiatives and Future Strategies:

Ongoing Training and Knowledge Expansion:
We are dedicated to ongoing training and expanding the scope of issues handled by our User Support team. Upcoming sessions will focus on new features and more technical matters that were previously escalated to Tier 2.

By equipping our team with advanced skills, we aim to enhance their problem-solving capabilities and overall User Support efficiency.

Regular Updates to FAQs:
To ensure our information remains relevant and helpful, we’ll be regularly updating our FAQs based on an analysis of frequently handled cases.

By identifying common issues, the User Support team collaborates with the marketing team to keep FAQs current.

This proactive approach reduces the need for additional support interactions and significantly enhances the overall user experience. It reflects our commitment to providing timely and accurate assistance.

Optimizing the CRM Bot Workflow:
Following the implementation of a self-service tier zero support system featuring a new bot and workflows, the User Support team has been diligently tracking and monitoring the bot’s performance.

They continuously will be adding new training material to the bot workflow and report any incorrect information shared by the bot.

This initiative will significantly reduce the volume of tickets, streamlining our support processes and improving user satisfaction.


In summary, the second quarter of 2024 has witnessed substantial growth in user support initiatives at dYdX. The User Support team has prioritized upskilling to handle increasingly complex user issues with technical expertise. Moreover, the team’s role has become pivotal as a support and feedback conduit, highlighting opportunities for improvement across various aspects of the dYdX product.

We appreciate your ongoing trust in dYdX. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our User Support team.


Hey, thanks for the report.

I can’t say anything about the quality of service as I haven’t used it and I apologise in advance for the nitpicking.

What is the cost of your service for the treasury?
As I see from DOS financial statement that DOS spent ~$65500 in Q2 for “Customer Service” source

I don’t know if all of that went to ACX, but if so, the $46 per chat seems not cost effective at all.

Once again. If some grantee or vendor report is published on the forum, I guess some questions or feedback is expected.

I will tag @valentin, maybe he can reply on that on behalf of the DOS

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Congratulations on the performance of the User Support team in Q2 2024, and thanks for the update.

The activity report showcases significant achievements and dedication to enhancing user experience.

Key highlights deserving special recognition:
-93% user satisfaction score
-Swift median first response time of 8 minutes
-Robust first contact resolution rate of 74%
-Successful handling of 1,407 chats and 23,000 article views

Your team’s proactive approach in supporting the v5.0 launch, conducting targeted training workshops, and managing the seamless CRM migration is commendable.

I also appreciate the ongoing initiatives for continuous improvement, including regular FAQ updates and the optimization of the CRM bot workflow. These strategies contribute to sustaining our high standards of user support and fostering growth.

DYDX protocol keeps building and shipping assets, practices & talents to support our expansion.

Keep up the good work and regular updates!

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Hi @RealVovochka,

First off, thank you for reviewing our reports, the community oversight you enact is really important.

The dYdX Operations subDAO has contracted the dYdX Foundation to help with the provision of support services to users of the dydx.trade web interface, the iOS mobile application, and the Android mobile application, at an aggregate cost of 20K USDC per month (the remainder of the subDAO’s expenses on user support are spent on Intercom, the user support chat integration platform that we use). The Foundation has subcontracted various service providers to ensure that dYdX user support is a comprehensive, professional and first-class service. This does not only include ACX and their work via the Intercom Chat interface, but other communication channels as well, and most importantly the full help section and all the articles there. Building out the documentation, and keeping it up to date with the steady code updates is paramount as a basis for good user support.

Lastly I wanted to mention that we are providing almost around the clock user support 7 days a week. This high availability provides a good user experience when needing support. The effect of this high availability can be seen in the low first response time average shown in the report. But the high availability comes at a certain cost, so I don’t agree with the cost / conversation metric.

I hope this answers your question.

Thank you again for the feedback.


Hi, @dYdX_Ops_subDAO
thanks for your detailed answer, it clears things up a bit

Although I don’t quite understand why payment goes through the foundation and not directly and why, in general, we abandoned the idea of separate subDAOs that cover certain functions, and use 3rd party vendors which are selected without any public discussion and open competition. But this is a discussion for a separate topic

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