dYdX Grants Program - v1.5 Extension

Thanks @Reverie. As mentioned before, there is no doubt on Reverie’s ability in continuing to helm the Grants Programme given the importance of a stakeholder to understand what areas of focus are needed in this critical transition to v4. This is a great step forward on the progressive decentralization of Grants in a non disruptive manner over the next 6 months.

As a recipient of the dYdX Grants Programme, I’d like to nominate myself for the Trustee Role.

  • What’s your background? What previous work have you done?

I’ve been on dYdX over the past 1 year + and was the first and only ambassador on the Risk Analysis burrow. During this time apart from the risk weeklies, I’ve also coordinated the grant between dYdX and hummingbot to bring in maker volume. My 2 other grants were on:

  1. Trading Fee Optimization in collaboration with 0xclr
  2. dYdX LP Rewards Programme Review with the working paper published.
  3. Other forum posts include Bridging to v4: Assessing Token Bridges and Governance Transition to v4 : Supporting Endorsed Delegates to spearhead active community discussions.

Elsewhere, my research contributions at the moment are mainly in the field of MEV studies in the Ethereum ecosystem. And I believe my knowledge can help in the post v4 era in minimizing and suggesting economic designs in this area. As such, by being actively involved in the protocol and identifying areas of focus, my experience will empower me as a Trustee in assessing and approving grants, while balancing with the overall direction of the protocol

  • What should the DGP prioritize as part of this extension?
  1. Liquidity provisioning in v4 (vs v3) and improve altcoin activities, as alluded to in my paper
  2. Governance support for community stewards
  3. MEV design

I look forward to being a part of the DGP as a Trustee in this next phase of dYdX.