Grants program v1.5 community grantor position

Hi everyone,

The extension of the Grants program includes the addition of a Grantor role, as outlined in the original proposal. The program has also split its funding allocation into two buckets: Community initiatives and Strategic initiatives. Grantors are appointed to each bucket to prioritize funding efforts among different areas of expertise. In the recently approved proposal the following appointments were made:

Strategic Initiatives: Reverie Reserves, LLC (as sole Grantor)

Community Initiatives: RoboMcGobo and a future additional Grantor

We would now like to invite community members to apply for the second Grantor role alongside RoboMcGobo in the Community Initiatives bucket. Applicants can submit their interest in this thread. Once received, the DGP team will reach out to all interested members for a quick interview. Finally, the Trustees will vote on the candidates and the candidate with the most votes (and at least three votes) will be selected.

Here are few questions to answer in the initial application:

  • What’s your background? What previous work have you done, especially within crypto communities?
  • Why are you an ideal fit for the role?
  • What should the DGP prioritize as part of this extension?
  • What is the role of the Community and Ecosystem in the growth of dYdX?

As a reminder, the Grantor is responsible for the following:

  • Drafting RFPs
  • Screening, conducting diligence, interviewing, and negotiating with applicants in their category
  • Submitting grants for approval
  • Assessing recommendations from other Grantors
  • Engaging and monitoring the progress of approved grants

We aim to have our selection completed by the end of next week (Sep 29). Updates will be shared throughout the process.

We are looking forward to all applications!

Felix, DGP Lead Trustee


Hey @FelixLts

Thanks for this opportunity. I’m glad to see that DGP is dynamically evolving with the help of new trustees.

I would like to announce my candidacy for a community grantor role.

What’s your background? What previous work have you done, especially within crypto communities?

I’ve been an active member of the dydx community for two years now, while also being an active user of I’m really a big fan of dydx and try to use my knowledge and skills to make dydx better. As many have noticed, I’m someone with my own independent opinions, which allows me to be an Endorsed Delegate and take care of the interests of any community member regardless of their status. My DMs are always open in Discord, and I always help and answer questions from other participants.

Why are you an ideal fit for the role?

I am one of the most active community members, definitely a leader in terms of opinions. I interact with many community members, understand the skills and interests of different participants, and know how to use them for the benefit of the project. I think this is very important in the role of a community grantor. My attention to detail and productivity help me not miss any crucial details.

What should the DGP prioritize as part of this extension?

I have unintentionally become part of positive changes in DGP regarding transparency and absence of conflicts of interest, so I hope that DGP will continue to develop in the right direction. As for what DGP should focus on in terms of the community bucket…

  • Events and Workshops: We should focus on funding events and workshops that community members can organize or attend. If a community member presents something, they should be compensated transparently according to an expense structure. The funding model for this will be transparent and equal for all such grants. It makes sense to focus on builder or trader workshops for live events while also increasing online events to enhance overall brand awareness.
  • Promotional and Educational Content: This is a crucial aspect of grants, especially during the transition to V4 where significant changes are happening in the project’s architecture.
  • Tooling and Technical Resources: Funding in this area should be cautious, aiming for a quick minimum viable product (MVP). If the project proves promising, it can be moved to the strategic bucket for further development.
  • Analytics: All votes on the parameters specified in v4 Deep Dive: Governance - dYdX will necessitate extensive analytics to arrive at the right decision. As a person inclined towards data myself, I perceive this aspect as crucial.
  • Other Marketing Promotions: As a person who has interacted with the community cauldron regarding marketing promotions, I comprehend the need for a clear system to evaluate the results of such events - including social media reach, participant count, and registrations through specific referral links. Such an evaluation system could be developed in coordination with the foundation marketing department. This will greatly speed up the process of evaluation and implementation of such grants.

Regarding the working standards, here’s my vision, maybe not right away, but I think we should strive for this.
1. The full grant application should be made public after approval. The community should have the same information as the grantor had when approving the grant.
2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for different types of grants should be made public.
3. All project-related links should be regularly checked to ensure they are functional.
4. Payments for all projects should always follow a standardized format, with no exceptions.

What is the role of the Community and Ecosystem in the growth of dYdX?

The transition to full decentralization by dYdX increases the importance of the community and ecosystem as a whole. It is no secret that there is some apathy within the community. Activity on the forum and in Discord is minimal, and I believe that DGP, particularly in the part of the community bucket, can increase people’s engagement and motivate them to actively contribute. Community members are the best ambassadors for the project.

I’m always happy to chat, my DMs are open, so if anyone has any extra questions about my application, I’d be glad to answer them.


Hello @FelixLts and dYdX community,

I’m excited to throw my hat into the ring for the Community Grantor role alongside RoboMcGobo in the Community Initiatives bucket. The opportunity to contribute to the dYdX ecosystem as a community grantor matches my skillset and passion for helping blockchain communities thrive. Here is a bit about me and my responses to the questions:

1. What’s your background? What previous work have you done, especially within crypto communities?

I am a business student based in Boston and have actively participated in crypto since 2016, getting started as a trader. Over the years, I’ve led a university blockchain club, cultivating a global network within the crypto industry. In 2022, I joined dYdX as an analytics ambassador lead to enhance the protocol through metrics-driven approaches, developing insightful dashboards and reports. On a day-to-day basis, I am a core team member at the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to catalyzing web3 adoption, primarily by extending support to student blockchain clubs. Our foundation boasts more than 2,000 members and has collaborations with blockchain clubs across every continent. I’ve been hands-on in grant raising and management, fostering educational partnerships, and running university blockchain clubs worldwide.

:link: Ambassador Work: dYdX Profile

:link: Non-profit Work: Blockchain Acceleration

2. Why are you an ideal fit for the role?

Having been deeply engaged in the blockchain industry and with my background in trading, I’ve amassed valuable experience contributing to governance and understanding intricate community dynamics. In my past roles, I’ve successfully procured grants from leading blockchain protocols and managed funding programs within the space. My comprehension of the web3 community is complemented by a robust network. Leveraging these strengths, I believe I can significantly contribute to dYdX in the capacity of a community grantor.

I will bring the following approach to the Community Initiatives program:

  • Accountability: Reporting, Communication
    • Example: Available for community calls or fast responses, working cross-functionally with the grants team
  • Due Diligence: Deep analysis of prospective grantee backgrounds, skillsets, and motivations
    • Example: Engagement analysis via conversion and demographics
  • Holistic Management: Be a steward for successful grants while maintaining disciplined execution
    • Example: Apply a social and analytical management process “helpful with rigor”
  • Measurement:
    • Calculation of individual project ROI
    • Process optimization based on feedback from the community and grantee specific outcomes
  • Sourcing:
    • I am active at top blockchain conferences
    • I am part of multiple industry networks with credible prospective contributors
    • Global student community
      • Aligns with the dYdX community member base: active traders, passionate about the space, top talent
  • Triage: (Common Issues)
    • Avoiding grant shoppers
      • Verifying strong previous body of qualifications
      • Clear demonstration of interest in dYdX
    • Avoiding COIs
      • Conducting an open source intelligence process to verify that there are no conflicts of interest (includes: social media analysis, account connections, following demographics, contribution history).
    • Slowness/Performance decay
      • Ensuring a balance of speed and quality
    • Poor quality
      • Ensuring brand alignment and details match the perceived dYdX standard of quality and branding

:link: LinkedIn: MackayGrant

3. What should the DGP prioritize as part of this extension?

For visibility, the goals stated in the post from DGP v1.5 Extension:

Funding targets:

  • Events and workshops
  • Promotional and educational content
  • Tooling and technical resources
  • Analytics


  • Onboarding and incentivizing active contributors to the ecosystem
  • Fostering community engagement
  • Promoting the dYdX brand and ecosystem
  • Building useful tools and resources for protocol participants

Now, how can we achieve this?

The DGP should emphasize:

  1. Funding projects that align with dYdX protocol objectives from a holistic perspective.
  2. Avoiding redundancy by ensuring new projects do not overlap with previous or existing ones.
  3. Aligning projects with the varied needs of dYdX stakeholders; including grantees, token holders, community members, and users.
  4. Adopting a multi-pronged community approach that both serves current stakeholders and encourages network effects to help in onboarding and educating new members.
  5. Activities such as workshops, IRL events, and content creation should align with community-set objectives and focus on regions and languages for maximum impact.

What is the role of the Community and Ecosystem in the growth of dYdX?

The community and ecosystem form the heart and soul of dYdX’s growth strategy. The bottleneck in web3 DApp usage is in the onboarding process, and the community approach can make or break this aspect. By enhancing the community-steered funding structure at DGP, we can amplify both user engagement and community involvement. This, in turn, not only augments dYdX’s user base but also enriches the experience of current users.

Additional Points

  • Drama-Free Space: My approach is community-centric and drama-free, focusing on what benefits the community most. I will avoid “forum politics” and separate myself from the discourse so as not to distract from my role
  • Openness: I am a public individual. My online presence is easily found and I often speak at events and talks. I feel that this will bring a unique factor to the dYdX Community, reinforcing the objective of transparency.

Let’s gooo Hedgies! :slight_smile:



Gm Felix and fellow dYdX community,

Hey, my name is Juri, Co-Founder of Cosmoverse and Frens Validator. I would like to submit my application for the role as a community grantor:

What’s your background? What previous work have you done, especially within crypto communities?

I embarked on my crypto journey in early 2019 when I took on the role of an editor at a German crypto media outlet. During the times of lockdown, I co-founded my first venture in the industry, “DEFI TIMES,” a DeFi-focused media platform.

In addition to my role as Co-Founder of DEFI TIMES, I was the host of the daily podcast show, “DEFI TIMES Daily,” and the host of our startup’s YouTube channel. To my delight, our podcast gained popularity during the 2021 bull run, amassing around 500k downloads, with a special focus on gaining traction within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Shortly after relocating to Lisbon, Portugal in 2021, I collaborated with three other Cosmos community members to found “Cosmoverse,” the largest annual conference in the Cosmos ecosystem. After successfully hosting Cosmoverse in Lisbon in 2021 with 750 attendees and in Medellin in 2022 with 1,500 attendees, Cosmoverse is set to take place in Istanbul next week, with an expected turnout of around 2,000 attendees.

In addition to my involvement with Cosmoverse, my fellow Co-Founder and I pivoted DEFI TIMES into a community validator named “Frens Validator” in early 2022. Frens Validator quickly gained popularity within the Cosmos community, currently managing over $10 million in AUM and enjoying the trust of more than 4 million delegators, according to[Frens AUM]([ Mintscan])(Mintscan). I am also managing the Frens Validator YouTube channel where we interview the thought leaders of the crypto industry regularly: Frens YouTube

In early 2022, I joined the dYdX community, actively participating in the dYdX testnet earlier this year with Frens and contributing content related to the upcoming dYdX launch. Finally, I am also a big fan of dYdX merchandise, as evidenced here :): dYdX merch
Why are you an ideal fit for the role?

All the projects I’ve co-founded (DEFI TIMES, Cosmoverse, and Frens Validator) have demanded community-building and marketing skills. Furthermore, Cosmoverse has required operational expertise in event management. Given this background, I am well-suited for responsibilities such as submitting grants for approval, drafting RFPs, engaging with applicants in their respective categories, and evaluating recommendations from fellow grantors. This belief is especially grounded in my alignment with funding targets, such as events & workshops, as well as promotional and educational content, coupled with objectives like fostering community engagement and promoting the dYdX brand and ecosystem.

What should the DGP prioritize as part of this extension?

  • Inviting Developers for Enhancements: The transition to our own blockchain has unlocked numerous opportunities for dYdX, offering fantastic customization options. Let’s take full advantage of this by inviting and incentivizing developers to optimize the user experience on dYdX.
  • Marketing for User Growth: While dYdX is already a prominent player in the DeFi space, my vision for dYdX is to become as big as the largest centralized exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, and Binance. The recent FTX collapse has created an opportunity for dYdX to attract thousands of new users and fill the gap in the derivative marketplace supply.
  • Hosting Regional Events and Workshops: To achieve our goals, organizing workshops and events in regions with a vibrant crypto community makes strategic sense. These gatherings, including small meet-ups, hackathons, and mini-conferences, will not only raise awareness about dYdX but also facilitate the onboarding of new users and developers. Cities like Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Beirut, and Lagos, where there is evident demand and interest in dYdX, are perfect locations for such initiatives.

What is the role of the Community and Ecosystem in the growth of dYdX?

The community is a crucial part of any crypto project and ecosystem. Community members actively engage in governance and can evolve into operational contributors, playing an essential role in project development. Specifically for dYdX, community involvement is important for spreading the word about the protocol and ecosystem, ultimately driving the adoption of more users and developers into our growing community.


Hi Felix,

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself to the dYdX community and the rest of the Trustees and DGP team. My name is Hector and I’m a co-founder of Cosmic Validator. As others have also mentioned, since dYdX is transitioning from the Ethereum ecosystem to the Cosmos ecosystem, it is very important that the DGP team includes people very involved and with in-depth knowledge about the Interchain Tech Stack, the Cosmos community, projects and teams. Therefore, given my involvement in the Cosmos ecosystem since 2018, before the launch of the Cosmos Hub, and as co-founder of Cosmic Validator, I’d like to submit my application here for consideration for the open Grantor role.

What’s your background? What previous work have you done, especially within crypto communities?
In 2017 and 2018 I worked directly with Scott Lewis, the founder of DeFi Pulse, since I was selected as a Qfellow for the first cohort of the ConcourseQ program, which consisted of community driven due diligence of ICOs and the evaluations and research were publicly shared for the community. Our work identified many fraudulent projects and it was a great learning experience of how to analyse crypto projects, also I learnt a lot from Scott Lewis.
I was also head ambassador for Polkadot in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria region in 2020 and 2021, coordinating all the ambassadors from these countries. In addition, I led the organisation of a large event in the HEC Alumni offices in central Paris with speakers from Ledger, Binance and Polkadot.
I was also involved in 2018 for several months as a Cointelegraph writer, covering stories about Binance, Telegram or Bitcoin, some of my articles were featured in the top 5 most read articles in Cointelegraph for several days.
I also have work experience at the PwC blockchain lab in Paris and the Bank Frick blockchain lab in Liechtenstein. Bank Frick was one of the first and pioneer banks in Europe or even globally offering crypto services to clients. While working at PwC, I participated in blockchain consulting projects for entities such as Société Générale. At Bank Frick, I was responsible for the content of the weekly Crypto Industry Report (CIR) newsletter that was sent to clients and other stakeholders. I also supported with the integration of USDC in the custody infrastructure of the bank and I led other projects such as internal training of employees regarding the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act regulatory framework. The link to my LinkedIn profile is included here for further details about my work at PwC and Bank Frick. In terms of my educational background, I have a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London and an MSc in International Finance from HEC Paris. This combined background technical, financial and in crypto is very helpful for understanding in detail dYdX, its priorities and also for analyzing and evaluating teams and projects wishing to bring value to dYdX through the Grants program. I could leverage this knowledge and background to prepare RFPs and source people and teams for the key priorities identified where resources are needed to improve the dYdX ecosystem, the educational content or the onboarding of new contributors.
More specifically about the Cosmos ecosystem, I’m a co-founder of Cosmic Validator and I lead the governance forum discussions and the research for the content of our educational videos about the Cosmos ecosystem, as well as business development and strategy. I’ve contributed to many projects in the Cosmos ecosystem regarding governance and strategic decisions or business development. I’ve been very involved in the Cosmos community since 2018 and thus I’m in touch with most teams and projects within the ecosystem and I believe this could be valuable when sourcing teams for specific RFPs. For our content, I have done extensive research about dYdX v4 and we have been covering the main updates about the development of the dYdX v4 chain since last year.
I believe that my knowledge about both the Cosmos and dYdX ecosystems could allow me to support the smooth transition of dYdX to the Cosmos ecosystem by identifying and supporting grants, as well as drafting relevant RFPs and sourcing the right teams to fulfill these RFPs and contribute to the success of the dYdX v4 chain.

Why are you an ideal fit for the role?
I am deeply involved in the Cosmos ecosystem since 2018 and researching and covering updates about the dYdX v4 chain since July 2022 in our educational videos, blogposts, twitter threads and Zealy educational quizzes for incentivized learning. Some of the content we produced about dYdX v4 was shared with the dYdX Foundation and they then shared and retweeted our content.
I have a large network of contacts both in the Cosmos ecosystem as well as in crypto in general, with over 4,000 LinkedIn contacts mostly from the global crypto industry. This could allow me to accelerate the sourcing of teams and contacts for specific RFPs for the Community Initiatives of the DGP.
I think a great knowledge of both Cosmos and dYdX is key to understand and evaluate grant applications as well as for the due diligence, interviews and the processes involved. This knowledge is also crucial to be able to identify and draft relevant RFPs as well as to review and assess recommendations from the other Grantor. This is further enhanced given the current transition period with likely many opportunities and synergies but also challenges that this grants program could help to solve efficiently.
As a Grantor there will be many interactions with applicants during the evaluation process as well as during the follow-up period of engaging and monitoring the progress of approved grants, and the review of milestones achieved and informing the community about the progress. In addition, there will be a lot of internal teamwork, coordination and interactions with the other Grantor, the Trustees or the Operator. I have a lot of experience collaborating with teams both during my professional work experience as well as a co-founder of Cosmic Validator, so I think I could also add value in terms of teamwork and support with the different processes involved to contribute to the success of the DGP.

What should the DGP prioritize as part of this extension?
Regarding the Community Initiatives:

-More educational content for the dYdX community about the Cosmos ecosystem such as key concepts, main stakeholders, the Interchain Tech Stack, the roadmap as well as the reasons that led dYdX to build the dYdX v4 chain leveraging the Cosmos tech

-Similarly, more educational content for the Cosmos community about dYdX v4, Perps and derivatives trading or onboarding to dYdX v4

-Tools to make the transition and onboarding of the existing dYdX community and users to the new dYdX v4 chain as seamless and simple as possible. This includes as well the DYDX token migration

-Content, events and marketing initiatives that highlight well how dYdX v4 is superior to v3, in which specific areas and for this interviews with users and traders of dYdX that explain their experience and why they prefer dYdX v4 and the key advantages, including the v4 iOS app

-Fostering a good relation and mutual cooperation between the dYdX and Cosmos communities, as well as bringing closer devs from Cosmos and dYdX for better collaborations through joint events, conferences or hackathons

-Tutorials about trading in dYdX v4, highlighting the key differences for existing v3 traders

-Initiatives for survey research of dYdX v4 users for feedback regarding the UX and whether they would like to add some changes or modifications

-Tutorials regarding the One-click onboarding with Squid and Axelar

-Design a dYdX delegation program to reward fairly the dYdX validators contributing and adding value in terms of engineering, tooling or community contributions, similarly to the ICF delegation program

-Educational content and tools to better highlight the risks of MEV in dYdX v4 and the MEV dashboard built by Skip showing both honest and harmful validators

-Research to further enhance the MEV protection of the dYdX v4 chain and to identify potential synergies with privacy focused projects such as Namada that might bring additional value to dYdX v4

-Research about how each upcoming new features or modules in the Interchain Tech Stack roadmap could be useful for dYdX v4 and the feasibility of a potential implementation

-Marketing initiatives regarding the bug bounty program so more talented devs can participate and hence there will be a higher probably that some potential critical bugs could be found and fixed

-Analytics tools with great and simple UX about the dYdX v4 chain and its validators

-Initiatives to onboard Binance derivative traders to dYdX v4 and become the largest platform for derivatives trading in terms of volume, by highlighting that dYdX v4 is a derivatives order book based DEX, having the decentralization of AMM DEXes such as Uniswap or Osmosis, as well as the orderbook derivatives trading of centralized exchanges such as Binance

-Conferences, workshops and educational content explaining and highlighting that a full decentralization of dYdX implied the decentralization of the orderbook and matching engine and how this was achieved successfully with the dYdX v4 chain

-The community should be informed and updated regarding the progress of each approved grant in terms of milestones and KPIs achieved

What is the role of the Community and Ecosystem in the growth of dYdX?
It is very important because via platforms such as twitter, reddit or telegram the community can have a large and fast reputational impact on dYdX. Therefore, even if dYdX v4 brings a very good product, if the sentiment of the community becomes very negative this could have a very bad effect. Also, if there is not a good relation between the dYdX and Cosmos communities and ecosystems this would be equally negative.
Since dYdX v4 is built with the Cosmos tech stack, for the future growth of dYdX the community and ecosystem will become increasingly important, and this is because in Cosmos the community plays a crucial role and is very active and present. Therefore, for the growth of dYdX in Cosmos it is crucial that the community respects and supports the project, both the existing Ethereum community and the Cosmos community. This is even more challenging since the existing community is on Ethereum, and now the shift is being done to Cosmos, with dYdX v4 built with the Cosmos tech stack, all perpetual contracts in dYdX v4 will be settled and margined using native USDC in Cosmos and most validators are from the Cosmos ecosystem. Therefore, managing well the community and ecosystem will be as important as the tech itself.

For the Cosmos community, the dYdX v4 mainnet launch is definitely the highlight of this year and the most anticipated launch. I would like to contribute as a Grantor to the successful launch and growth of dYdX v4 and helping to bring together the Cosmos and dYdX communities. A successful launch of dYdX v4 would precisely prove the thesis and reasons of why dYdX chose in the first place to build a customised chain with the Cosmos tech stack. This is of the utmost importance, because it would serve as a clear example and evidence for many other projects of the advantages of shifting to a sovereign and customized chain based on the Cosmos tech stack. This might lead to a wave of projects following the steps of dYdX and could bring massive activity and interest to the Cosmos ecosystem. Therefore, the DGP has a major responsibility to contribute to this smooth transition and successful launch and I’d like to also take part in this responsibility as a Grantor for the Community initiatives. I hope to support the DGP with the items and possible RFPs that I covered above about the priorities of the v1.5 extension. Thank you for your consideration!


Thanks all for sharing your applications, we appreciate the breadth of ideas and interest in this role!

The DGP/trustees are now reviewing the applications and will reach out as necessary. We’re hoping to come back with a result by EOW or at latest early next week!


Discussions got delayed a bit due to Cosmoverse; we will soon announce the outcome. Thanks for your patience everyone


Dear applicants and dYdX community,

The trustees have reviewed all applications and held a vote on the second community grantor to join @RoboMcGobo for the community grant allocation of the grants program.

We are excited to announce that the position will be taken on by @mgg.

Reviewing the profiles and taking into account the existing community grantors expertise, we came to the conclusion that someone analytical with existing ties to the dYdX community would be a great fit. mgg’s background and participation in the analytics burrow of dYdX provides him with expertise that we feel enhances the skills of Robo well. In addition, we feel that his participation in the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation and involvement with student blockchain clubs serves as a solid starting point to bring new talent into the dYdX ecosystem. We were also impressed by his thoroughly thought out approach to grant diligence.

We want to thank all other applicants for their interest and patience, as well as the work you put into your applications. We hope to find other ways to engage you with the dYdX community and ecosystem going forward.

All the best,
Felix, representing DGP trustees


Although both Robo and @mgg look like good fit for the positions, it is sad to see this process as a charade to have preselected candidates.

I’m certain Robo and mgg were both selected before any post was made on the forum. Reverie improved quite a bit on Osmosis since its inception there and hopefully it can improve on dYdX as well.


Hey, we held a vote between current trustees and Robo for this role and former trustees did previously re Robo. There’s no direct involvement (vote) of Reverie in the decision making. Mostly just helping source/making aware potential candidates/applicants


Hey @FelixLts
Although I agree with Luis’ viewpoint, what’s done is done, let us leave it on the conscience of those who made the choice.

I have a question regarding DGP’s operation: full salaries were paid for September. However, the last approved grant application is dated June 3rd. Why does this happen? Are there no adequate applications, at least in terms of community grants (I understand why strategic grants are rare)? Or does the dashboard on the website display incorrect information?

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Hello All:

It is an honor to be chosen as a contributor to dYdX Grants in the Community Grantor position.

Firstly, I think each application had a unique value add to the dYdX ecosystem, and that the ideas brought up have some great potential for both future contributors and grant opportunities.

I look forward to implementing my skillset and experience; and I will be actively engaged on the forums to work with each one of you who submits a grant or brings forth a question, idea, or concern.

I look forward to working alongside @RoboMcGobo and @FelixLts – and most importantly working hand-in-hand with the community here.




Hey @luisqa , as @FelixLts already mentioned, we all voted on who would join me as the second community grantor. Reverie did not influence this selection process.

While I can’t speak for the trustees, i’d be happy to give some context on why i personally voted for @mgg

There were other strong candidates who submitted their applications for consideration, but many of them had a primarily Cosmos-based background (similar to myself).

Mackay on the other hand has a deep understanding of the history of dYdX and its community and will bring a perspective to the DGP that may not be as well-represened with multiple Cosmos-based reviewers. Our skillsets will compliment eachother well, and ensure each grant is reviewed thoroughly and with multiple lenses of context.

I’m confident that I voted for the right person to take on the role and am looking forward to working with him.


Appreciate all the responses!

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Hello everyone,

I’m a relatively new member to our community, and I want to write to you because I’m a little confused. Indeed, while Félix had mentioned that only the trustees had to vote, RoboMcGobo affirmed that “we all voted” and added “I personally voted for”.

According to the rules, shouldn’t only trustees be allowed to vote, or am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you.

Hi Theo, we decide to consider Robo‘s opinion aswell as he would work closely with the second grantor. In either case, even not counting Robo it mgg would’ve made the cut.

Hope this helps,

meanwhile, @mgg created his account a month ago. It’s (somehow) a common theme to have new joiners/inactive community members assume strategic positions within dydx’s daos

@Atticus Everyone understands that everything is predetermined, it is a business project, and they cannot allow people who may ask unnecessary questions. Nothing personal, just business. That’s why people appear out of nowhere. Everything that appears in the public forum or on Discord has long been decided behind the scenes. DAO is an illusion. The community is fake. There is no talk of any 100x vision.

Who has seen Robo in the community since his election? Have we seen many new community initiatives come to light?

I have no problem with this, but I think it negatively affects the project. And major stakeholders are not interested in governance at all; they have already gained huge profits from their investments.

Perhaps with V4, something will change for the better.

Robo and Mgg may well be competent individuals, but they were not chosen for this reason. They’re just ready to stay quiet, not ask any questions, and take the check.

The story with Alexios perfectly highlights the attitude towards the community. dydx is defending a person who is simply incompetent and dishonest, just because he is convenient and “one of us”. My post about him would never have seen the light of day if it had been resolved internally. There was no need to censor forum threads or ask news site journalists to remove articles.

No one is without mistakes; it’s those who learn from them that matter.

The understanding and the rationale behind engaging in a forum is to engage in productive and meaningful discussions about things that matter to the individuals that make up the community as a whole; in doing so one must keep core values in mind. Values such as proper conduct, professionalism, respect for oneself and for others, honesty, morality, drive for self-improvement, optimism, eagerness to accept change, welcoming new beginnings and making room for self-awareness and nothing sort of striving for success.

It saddens to see improper use of language once againbeing applied from Real Vovochka to express his sentiments over someone else being chosen other than him as a grantor. It frustrates me to have to read his bitter and gloomy lengthy posts about the community being an unfair place where roles are pre-determined and given to those who remain silent and ask no questions.

Well, here are two questions that immediately come to mind “Real” Vovochka:

  1. Have you considered keeping your gloomy, unprofessional misconduct to yourself? Because to be quite honest I personally would like to read something other than your moaning comments. And two…

  2. Have you considered leaving the community in peace for more than a week or is that too much to ask? Transitioning to V4 indeed is something that most people including myself would like to hear more about instead of your weekly “cry” session of “They didn’t pick me” edition. Just get over it.

See the thing about investigating individuals may cause members of any forum to refrain from entering in any form of discussion in fear or being harassed by individuals such as yourself hence one reason why Robomight not be appearing as active as you would like him to be….or here’s another idea…he may actually be doing exactly what he was assigned to do. And that is certainly not the “prom queen” of this forum.

No one is here to judge people’s competence; certainly not you! Had you learned from your mistakes you would have kept your negativity to yourself and moved on with your life.

Hey, @Pinkynarff
Welcome to the dydx community.

It’s really nice to receive advice on what discussions should be on the forum from an anonymous account with the first post on the forum. If it weren’t for me, you would still be a silent observer, but now you have overcome your fear and will be able to participate in constructive professional discussions on the forum.

I won’t comment on the part of the post where you give me advice on what to do. I think you understand perfectly well how important your opinion is to me.

If Robo isn’t posting on the forum because of me, he doesn’t have to worry. I can assure him that I only investigated one person. And if “he may actually be doing exactly what he was assigned to do” it would be nice to hear some updates. Are there any new community initiatives? If there are any difficulties, the community could help, even just with advice.

Note that I’m not asking why Reverie isn’t interacting with the community, I’m asking why the community grantor isn’t with the community.

As for you, @Pinkynarff find the courage to write using your real nickname :ping_pong:. I think it’s pretty clear who you are based on your writing style.