dYdX Token Movements Related to the Launch of the dYdX Chain

dYdX Foundation is anticipating large Internal movements of locked ethDYDX tokens held by investors and team members in the coming days. Locked Tokens can be bridged from Ethereum to another blockchain, including the dYdX Chain.

dYdX Foundation continues to track locked token holders’ wallet addresses to determine whether any transfers have been made in violation of legal agreements. The dYdX Foundation has expressed its willingness to bring legal action against locked token holders who do not comply with the applicable requirements.

:exclamation: Any wethDYDX and/or dYdX-Chain DYDX tokens received in exchange for locked ethDYDX tokens shall continue to be subject to the same transfer restrictions and release schedule

As with the current locked ethDYDX tokens, locked wethDYDX tokens and locked dYdX-Chain DYDX tokens may also be bridged to another blockchain, used for voting or delegating purposes and/or staked to a validator, if applicable.

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