Governance Transition to v4 : Supporting Endorsed Delegates

According to the most recent governance update, Authz will not be an option for the dYdX chain.

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That’s sad to hear. We’ll think about options that we can propose instead.

Hi rspa, Takeshi from Tané here.

We just started looking into the governance on dYdX and have been very curious about how dYdX can support the idea of Endorsed Delegates in the v4 world.
I’m seeing interesting discussions and ideas in this post and the other one but they didn’t look to get close to the consensus yet.

I believe you are the one who has been working on the research funded by Grants DAO and we would like to hear the current progress and thoughts on this matter.



this is a good thread. Looks like there has been no research from @rspa for over a month. We echo @tane comments for updates.


We’ll release our report this Thursday… Don’t worry, we didn’t rug :slight_smile:

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And voila! You can download the full report here: dYdX - Cosmic Delegates.pdf - Google Drive


Hi everyone,

I would like to continue the discussion on the evolution of Endorsed Delegates now that the dYdX chain is live!
I think a good approach is for Endorsed Delegates to work with Validators and divide the work of governance and processing blocks.
How can we add the x/authz module so Endorsed Delegates can start working with validators?


Hello @Ax07
This is Anil from Witval validator.
The simple path I see is asking validators to delegate their governance power to Endorsed Delegates via authz. You can use tools like ours (Resolute | dYdX) for voting on governance proposals via authz access. All you get to do is enable authz mode on Resolute and vote on the proposals.

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Hey @anilcse, has authz been implemented on v4? I thought that was not the case?

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No, it is not integrated in v4, yet

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It would also still require that an endorsed delegate works with a validator. So the validator would effectively choose the endorsed delegate, and not the community.

Where I would think it would be desireable if the community chooses where they would want their voting power delegated, right?


Yes I agree… The combinations and recombinations could really be a sight to behold. Would love to see that happen.

dydx team is aware and working on integrating it already, hopefully it’ll be live soon.

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Looking forwards to it :slight_smile:

I think there is a real market for splitting the tech and the “softer” side of blockchains. Let the tech-master focus on what they do best, yielding very secure systems and resilient chains. While also achieving the softer side through governators (or whatever fancy name we can think of). I’ll be watching the developments closely on this topic.

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Great news, ser!! We’re so early!

I think it would be great if dYdX v3 endorsed delegates collaborate with validators in v4 for governance discussions and votings, to leverage and combine the long-term expertise that endorsed delegates already have about dYdX. When choosing validators to collaborate, I think it is relevant for endorsed delegates to especially look at the overall score of dYdX Chain validators aggregating the scores of great uptime, high governance participation, high number of individual and unique delegators and low commission. The top 10 dYdX validators currently with the best overall total score are the following:




4th Chorus One

5th Polkachu

6th Cosmic Validator

7th CryptoCrew

8th Enigma

9th Meria

10th Ledger

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I like this idea! How would the cooperation work?
Should delegates instruct validators how to vote? It might make perfect sense.

One callout about governance participation. Mintscan calculates participation from vote 1.
If validators join later, they have to catch up, and will never reach 100%, because you cannot vote on polls that already passed.

StableLab has voted on every poll since we spun our validator up. But since we started after vote 6, we are far from 100% (at 65% now).

This means governance participation metrics can be misleading.

Also “Ledger by Meria” ranked on spot 10 is worrying, since it is a white-label operator. Are we going to promote those as well over validators who take care of their own operations?

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This would actually be a great opportunity for them: Work with an endorsed delegate who knows the ecosystem inside out for voting, while concentrating on what they do well: running nodes.


Thankfully we have both capabilities inside StableLab. :slight_smile:

Well, they don’t run the node… they only lend the name.

Meria is running the node in name of Ledger.
So if they also outsource governance, then what are they actually doing?

They don’t run the node, they don’t do governance, they don’t do marketing. So there is actually nothing they contribute, but they still reap in rewards.

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