Grant Feedback Request - Karma's Reputation Dashboard

The Karma team have released their Contributor Reputation dashboard, a tool that scores community members and delegates based on their participation across the dYdX DAO. The tool pulls in data from Snapshot votes, On-Chain votes, Commonwealth, and delegations to score community members on their activity.

The dashboard can be found here:

dYdX DAO members can login through a wallet to edit their profile and connect accounts (e.g. Discord account). The FAQ page has helpful steps for linking account.

The team would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the tool. In terms of feedback, we are open to all thoughts but recommend using the following format:

  1. Initial Impression
  2. What did you like about the dashboard?
  3. What could be improved?
  4. Are you likely to continue using it?
  5. If no, what’s missing?

Let us know what you think!

The link doesn’t appear to function. Can we ask to double-check?

The dashboard is live here:

We’re working with the Karma team to migrate the forum scoring and links to the new Discourse page, it’s still tracking Commonwealth.

Hope that helps!

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