Grant Feedback Request - Trading Journal Application

Kagan and the Fox Labs team have shipped an initial version of their Trading Journal application. The current version can be accessed here:

The team have also published the code used to build this application. If you wish to run your own instance of the app, instructions can be found here:

Give it a go and share your thoughts! We encourage everyone to share feedback below so the team can continue iterating on the product to maximize community adoption.

In terms of feedback, we are open to all thoughts but recommend using the following format:

  1. Initial Impression
  2. What did you like about the application?
  3. What could be improved?
  4. Are you likely to continue using it?
  5. If no, what’s missing?

Let us know what you think!


Have statistics of the usage of the dashboard been part of the KPI requested by the grants program manager?

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Thanks, @carlbergman for highlighting this grant project from @Kagan @foxlabs

@Kagan, is there a screen-recording / walk-through of the trading journal available for the community to enjoy?
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