Grantee Showcase - BeInCrypto Media Campaign

Welcome to the first DEP Grantee Showcase, designed to highlight key metrics and outcomes from DEP partnerships, creating greater transparency and accountability within the dYdX Community.

In April 2024, DEP partnered with BeInCrypto, a leading global crypto media outlet available in 14 languages, reaching over 7 million unique users monthly across various channels.

This campaign implemented a multi-channel content strategy to raise awareness of dYdX among BeInCrypto’s audience and bolster the visibility of crucial messaging, including USDC Staking Rewards, dYdX Chain Trading, dYdX Chain Features, and the broader dYdX Ecosystem.

All are encouraged to review the content and share feedback.


1. Editorial | Thought Leadership Articles:

2. Community Activities:

3. Bonuses from BeInCrypto:

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Guys, I’m not a marketing expert, but if you publish such reports for the community, you probably want some kind of feedback

Without trying to evaluate BeinCrypto’s activity in general their number of followers and number of views under their content, I would just like to take a look at the Twitter metrics in the posts that @mgg cited, each of the posts has less than 500 views!

It’s 2024 and Twitter is one of the main tools for promoting and engaging audiences in crypto, and here three posts have less than 1.5k views. Are you kidding me?

Telegram is the same: 1.5k views under the post in a channel with 8k subs

This campaign cost $45k???

Do you have any other metrics to show the effectiveness of this media campaign?

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Thanks for your questions. The purpose of the partnership with BeInCrypto was to reach a high conversion audience (active traders) and provide that audience with a diverse set of informative content. Some of the smaller numbers on specific accounts are due to the translation into multiple languages–though as the report states, certain content achieved 500k+ impressions.

I am commenting only on the links you are provided. the report itself posted as pictures so links are not clickable
BeinCrypto English youtube channel has 17k subscribers and 1.2 million views on all videos combined since 2018. Most of the videos are few hundreds views

So twitter has no views, reposts, youtube has no views
where the dydx promotion campaign scored 500k impressions?

who said beincrypto audience is active traders with high conversion?


Yawn, yet another waste of community funds being siphoned out of the treasury. What trader give s a crap about any of this? We have a grants team that can waste $45k on a nothing campaign that no trader cares about yet they can’t fund tools and features traders actually find useful. This is the worst run grants program I have ever seen.

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And an alternative campaign is voted down because it is “not needed”.

And also someone like @antonio is preaching a possible solution for delegations in one thread, but when the time comes to put money where the mouth is… zero response.

If the team and (part of) the community doesn’t care in general, then it is hard to try to do the right thing.


Regarding the early feedback, we have to admit that there are legitimate doubts regarding the capacity to deliver on the promises made by BeInCrypto. The reality seems to heavily diverge from the inflated number they advertise.

Nevertheless we appreciate the effort to bring transparency to the DEP grant allocations, and we hope the team won’t be offended by some comments who are clearly lacking of due respect. Anyway evidence suggest this grant shouldn’t be extended any further, therefore we want to encourage no to renew this partnership in the future.



I hope that my comments were not treated as disrespectful.

What I don’t like is that all media partnerships were done by the grants team without any due diligence on the part of the community, you could always ask the community what providers are popular in a particular market

I would like to see reports on other media partnerships as well.

I can’t say anything about the Chinese market, but the companies that received grants for the German and Dutch market look very doubtful.


For the Dutch market? I have not seen anything, while being Dutch ^^

Maybe you can give your comments.

One of the articles, but it feels kinda cheap…

It screams paid advertising everywhere…

For the rest, there are 46 mentions of DYDX on the website, but a lot are token value reports, so they are not actually useful.

Some really old articles, some newer, but all quite short.