How to become Validator on DYDX Chain

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Starting a topic aimed at becoming The Guideline for new validators on dYdX Chain.
I intend to update this post regularly, so feel encouraged to provide feedback and ideas in the comments below :pray:

:warning: NOTE: dYdX v4 Public Testnet is not permissionless - dYdX Trading Inc. has been building the software that is powering the blockchain and have been selecting the testnet participants.

Reference documentation for Validator operation:
Make sure you start with reading v4 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hardware requirements


  • 8-core, x86_64 architecture processor
  • 64 GiB RAM
  • 500 GiB of locally attached SSD storage

:information_source: You should factor in setting up and operating sentry nodes to protect your validator agains DDoS attacks.

v4 Node source code

:o: TBD - once dYdX Trading make the GitHub repositories public

Joining after Genesis

  1. If you choose to use Cosmovisor, here’s how to set it up
  2. Obtain genesis.json from the Networks repo(:o: TBD) and place it in $HOME/.dydxprotocol/config/
  3. Follow the steps for running a Full Node to sync your state
  4. (:o: TBD) Convert your Full Node to a validator
  5. (:o: TBD) Stake/self-delegate DYDX tokens to increase your voting power

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