Operations subDAO Update 15. Sept 2023

After the proposal for the extension of the dYdX Operations subDAO mandate (DOT 2.0) passed in June 2023, we are excited to share an update on the milestones achieved over the past three months as we ramp up operations to support the potential launch of dYdX v4 and beyond.

The new team:

One of the four major responsibilities under the new mandate was recruiting an Operations Lead, a Technical Project Lead, and a Site Reliability Engineer to scale the Operations subDAO and to provide technical support to prepare the dYdX DAO for the future. We are happy to announce that all three positions have been filled! Please meet our new contributors below:

Technical Project Lead: Dimitar

Start date: 15 August 2023

Dimitar is a seasoned engineering leader with substantial technical fundamentals who has been fully committed to building in crypto since 2021. Dimitar commenced work for the Operations subDAO last month. Having previously worked as an independent contractor at dYdX Foundation, his deep understanding of the dYdX ecosystem allowed him to hit the ground running and make major strides in preparing for the potential launch of dYdX v4.


Site Reliability Engineer: Piotr

Start date: 18 September 2023

Piotr is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience and a diverse skill set. Most recently focused on DevOps and cloud computing, after multiple years of experience as a backend and full-stack developer, Piotr is joining us from Nansen, where he built and led the SRE team.


Operations Lead: Valentin

Start date: 15 August 2023

Valentin is an experienced startup operator and has been full-time in crypto since 2020. Having previously led operations and decentralization efforts at an NFT studio, Valentin is excited to build out the dYdX Operations subDAO to support the DAO and its community-powered efforts toward decentralization.


Schedule 1:1 time with Valentin - Calendly

Indexer Procurement

A second major responsibility under the new DOT 2.0 mandate is identifying an indexer operator and contributing to deploying an indexer in the potential future version of the dYdX protocol. This is also well underway, with the procurement process currently in its second stage. On August 18th, we shared a Request for Submissions and received a number of strong applications from prospective operators. We then narrowed down our shortlist to the top candidates. They are now working with us to submit their proposals. We aim to stick to the original timeline outlined in our initial forum post for our final decision. You can read more about the procurement process and our selection criteria here.

Hiring a forum administrator

As you might have noticed, the forum settings and support are still work in progress. It is important to keep the forum a place for productive discussions and community communication, therefore we want to bring on a forum administrator to be able to focus solely on that. The moderator will support the community, moderate discussions, and tweak the forum settings to enable effective community participation.

The job description can be found here. Please share with your professional network and apply if you are interested!

New Website

As part of the ongoing efforts to increase the transparency of the inner workings of the Operations subDAO, we are overhauling the website dydxopsdao.com. This is very much still, and will always be, work in progress as we continuously iterate on it to improve the information that is available on the Operations subDAO and on what we are working on. Some of the new or reworked sections are:


In this section, we are sharing all the information on the financial situation of the Operations subDAO, most notably the The Budget tracking sheet, which has been overhauled, and all the expenses and cash movements of the Operations subDAO between the various accounts are recorded in real time.
In addition to the available raw data, we will publish monthly summaries of the Operations subDAO spending under the section Monthly Reports. The most recent reports for July and August are available there.
We will also publish any future audit reports and ancillary financial documentation within this section in due course providing full transparency on the financial standing of the Operations subDAO.

dYdX Operations subDAO structure

Here we are laying out the legal structure, including the legal documentation of the subDAO. You can find the full list of contributors and some background information on each of them here.

Priority board

On the priority board, you can see in real time what the Operations subDAO’s current focus is and who is the point of contact for each of them. On the board, we will also share minor updates on each of the priorities as the projects progress.

Preparing for the potential launch of dYdX v4

dYdX Operations Services Ltd. - DOS

The preparations for a potential launch of the dYdX v4 chain are in full force. We are coordinating with the whole ecosystem to ensure everything is ready for a successful launch. To enable the Operations subDAO to effectively support this endeavor we realized that the Guernsey Purpose Trust was, by itself, not the best home for operating the ancillary infrastructure the subDAO was mandated to run by the dYdX community. Building on suggestions from the dYdX ecosystem, a Cayman Islands-exempted company, dYdX Operations Services Ltd. (“DOS”), was incorporated to streamline the subDAO’s present and future operations. DOS is under the full control of the dYdX Operations Trust’s Trustees and is included in the broader dYdX Operations subDAO umbrella, therefore remaining accountable to the dYdX DAO.
We are currently very much still setting up the DOS, we will provide more information about it as soon as the setup is complete.

Making this a recurring format

This is the first update on the dYdX Operations subDAO from me, Valentin, and I will make this a habit to update the community on what the Operations subDAO has been working on every month.

Your feedback is really important to us, please share it! You can obviously comment right here or you can reach out to me directly via email at valentin@dydxopsservices.com.


Thank you for this informative and energizing update.
So much has been accomplished in the last few months. :exploding_head:

The dYdX ecosystem counts one more solid, and growing team. That certainly appeals to us all!

The new team:

Thank you to the DOT trustees for igniting a world-class talent team. Your work in the past months is a significant contribution to the growth of our ecosystem.

Welcome Valentin, Dimitar, Piotr to dYdX ecosystem!

Indexer Acquisition

Excellent progress. Thank you for your diligence and openness. Looking forward to the final results and seeing how the chosen operator contributes. :building_construction:

Recruiting a forum administrator

This initiative has my full support. For many, our forum is their first point of contact and a gateway to our growing ecosystem.

While the vast majority of our community members are respectful and kind, we have observed some undesirable behaviours or unproductive venting on occasion.

The establishment of community forum expectations and rules, as well as the enforcement of those rules, will benefit us all in the long run. So, once again, thank you for this initiative.

Launch of a New Website

Excellent update, and thank you for the updated dashboards.


Keep up the good work, Valentin, Dimitar, and Piotr (soon).

Thank you again, DOT Trustees, for assembling and empowering a solid and inspiring team.



As a general response to several DMs received, we will be posting a DOS-Specific forum post in the near future to outline the necessity of setting up the Cayman Exempted Company, the overall interplay between DOS and DOT, and the checks and balances that have and will be implemented to ensure DOT’s operations are in line with the purposes as delineated in the dYdX Operations Trust’s Deed (as recently amended to add further detail to such purposes).

Kind regards,


Let’s not forget the brilliant enforcer @Immutablelawyer I guess Cayman LLC is his doing, although I don’t know the ins and outs.

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Appreciate it RV although this was the product of a collective team effort :pray:

Keep a look-out on the forums for future updates!

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Thanks for the update, @dYdX_Ops_subDAO and warm welcome to the new members to the subDAO, @valentin, @dimitar and Piotr!

The update is on-point and it’s great to see the continuous progresses and important changes to make the subDAO work smoothly to fulfill the responsibilities and achieve the goals. Looking forward to the repeated updates from the subDAO.

We believe this is very important and as @charles mentioned, we should also start having discussions on fair and transparent guidelines and expectations for the DAO contributors to adhere to, which should be done in parallel to hiring an administrator.

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Hi Valentin and Team,

Great update! Thrilled to hear about the new hires and the progress on the indexer. The forum admin initiative is a smart move, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new website and future updates. Keep up the good work!