[Request for Submissions] dYdX V4 Indexer Procurement

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Hi everyone,

the Operations subDAO (DOT) is excited to announce we are officially opening up our submission portal for indexer operator candidates as described and budgeted for in our V2 mandate. Specifically, the dYdX Operations subDAO recently raised over $6M from the dYdX Community Treasury of which $2M is directed towards contracting an indexer operator.

In dYdX v4, indexers will play an important role of providing real-time data to users through a queryable database. To help promote data accessibility, we are looking for an experienced data infrastructure team to run a mainnet indexer.

The procurement process will follow 4 major phases:

  1. Open prequalification form to evaluate the experience and operational readiness for service providers interested in running the indexer service.
  2. Request for proposal from shortlisted vendors based on the prequalification form results to evaluate the detailed plan and commercials of delivery
  3. Proposal review, presentation/demonstration and due diligence
  4. Contract negotiation, final selection and contract execution

The list of milestones and timelines are provided in the table below. This is not a comprehensive list and there would be a number of subtasks for each milestone and, for the timelines, these are tentative and it should be noted that there is a major dependency on the code release and protocol launch dates.

  • *This schedule is subject to modification depending on the potential for the dYdX v4 mainnet going live and the official launch date.

A full overview of our Indexer procurement process can be found here.

If you’re interested in applying as an indexer operator, please apply here.

Thanks a lot!
dYdX Operations subDAO


Hi everyone,

Thanks to all applicants who have submitted prequalification forms!
We are now closing the prequalification window and are moving to shortlisting candidates. RFP process will be open as soon as the Indexer source code is publicly available, and shortlisted applicants will receive next steps.

The timelines in the original document have been updated:

  • *This schedule is subject to modification depending on the potential for the dYdX v4 mainnet going live and the official launch date.

Thanks a lot!
dYdX Operations subDAO


Announcement: dYdX Operations SubDAO Chooses Imperator.co as Indexer Service Provider

The dYdX Operations SubDAO is pleased to announce that it has chosen Imperator.co as its indexer service provider. Imperator.co was chosen after a thorough review of all the proposals provided by the applicants, and was found to be the best candidate due to the relevant experience, proven track record, and their proposed level of service.

The dYdX Operations SubDAO is confident that Imperator.co is the right partner to help dYdX Community to provide Indexer services. The company’s expertise and commitment to excellence will be essential to ensuring that the dYdX protocol remains the most reliable and efficient decentralized exchange in the world.

We look forward to working with Imperator.co to build a better future for the dYdX Chain and the dYdX Community.