Solutions for the Breach of DGP Trust

Hi @Ax07,

Thanks for separately posting this proposal to purely focus on how we can solve an issue to select a member for the Grantor role in the GDP v1.5 extension. It’s increasingly vital to discuss the solution to better serve the needs in the current community and DAO programs.

However, we are hesitant to proceed with the community vote, especially an informal forum or Discord poll as Marc Zeller from ACI, a prominent delegate in the Aave community pointed out in this post that the voting done by community tends to be like “beauty contest”, popularity among the community rather than focusing on their capability and track record. We still believe the selection process should be managed by the knowledgeable parties with context while having the candidates present themselves in front of the community as we did in two AMAs done for the GDP v1.5 extension process.

Possible mitigations that we can think of are 1) to have a few community members be involved in the selection process without voting privilege and responsible for communicating the selection process to the other community members after the fact. 2) to have a (relatively) neutral party like dYdX Foundation be involved and do the similar as suggested in 1).

We also love to hear candid, yet constructive opinions from other community members.