StableLab validator wind down. Please unstake before 2024-06-15

After a successful couple of months operating a validator with almost 100% uptime and a perfect voting record, we announce with a heavy heart that StableLab will wind down its dYdX validator and governance operations for the time being.

The validator will be deprecated on 2024-06-15. (in 44 days)

Please unstake all your tokens before that day.

We want to thank all the beautiful members of the dYdX community for their support and cooperation, and we are always just a message away if you need us.

You can find me at @raphbaph on Twitter.

Special thanks to @RealVovochka and @LeonoorsCryptoman for their insights and support and to @Josh_E_Wa and @charles for guidance and direction.

dYdX will always have a special place at StableLab, and we will happily re-engage when the right time comes.