StableLab voting rationales thread

We voted YES on #14 Addition of New Trustees to the DOT.

A great addition of experienced and trustworthy industry experts to the operations trust. We’re very happy with the decision and support it.
On a personal note, we love seeing Shaun from Steakehouse as part of this poll :slight_smile:

We voted YES on #15 Min Deposit and Max Deposit Period Change
As outlined in our reply to the forum post, we think this is one of the more important parameter changes. Security is upheld, yet the protocol is more inclusive than before. This will speed up market listings in the short term, we believe.

We voted YES on #16 Add JTO-USD perpetual market

Jito is a strong product and a pillar of the Solana Ecosystem. We think adding the token to v4 markets is a worthy addition and will monitor the volume here.