StableLab voting rationales thread

This thread will be used to document how StableLab’s validator has voted.
StableLab is a professional governance operations and analytics company that is here to help make dYdX governance the best it can be.

We’re always looking for stakers, so if you want to support our mission here, please consider taking with us. We’re an experienced node operator team and have a very low commission (5%).

Our validator is here: DYDX Validator - Mintscan


Heads up: Due to a less than ideal geo-location of our current node we’re experiencing missed blocks. We will move our node to a better location before the end of the week.


DRC: Proposal for dYdX Protocol v3.0 Upgrade - dYdX Chain - dYdX Community Forum - Governance, Proposals, and Chain Discussions

We voted YES on this proposal. We’re excited about the pace of development here and look forward to ICA Account Support and the deprecation of non-linear margin requirements.

Margin requirements should not be complicated to calculate, to reduce friction and increase volume.


StableLab voted for the following proposals:

[DRC]: dYdX Foundation Fundraising Proposal - Proposals - dYdX Community Forum - Governance, Proposals, and Chain Discussions

Voted YES

The Foundation has communicated with exemplary transparency why it is fundraising now and why it is asking for this amount. dYdX will profit from the Foundation’s support for another three years, which is great news. At the same time the Foundation will help dYdX to further decentralize by continuing to engage the community on all matters governance.

Voted YES
dYdX has attracted massive amounts of trading volume on v4 not least thanks to the generous launch incentives. ChaosLabs have gone above and beyond to deliver the fairest Launch Rewards Distribution for Seasion 1.

We support the proposed distribution and look forward to Season 2, where we will hopefully see non-trading related incentives.

Add JUP-USD to the dYdX Chain - Proposals - dYdX Community Forum - Governance, Proposals, and Chain Discussions

We voted NO on prop 10, and YES on prop 11.
Thanks to Wintermute for proposing this market, just in time :slight_smile:
And thanks again for working through the birthing pains of the market listing tool.
We’re excited to see JUP trading on dYdX.


We voted YES on prop 12 and prop 13.

We’re excited to see AAVE, one of our most beloved governance tokens, coming to v4. StableLab has been active in Aave governance for a long time now, and liquidity for it’s governance token is always welcome.

We’re also deeply thankful to @Callen_Wintermute for posting the proposal to add BNB/USD to v4 markets on-chain in our stead. BNB is one of the top perpetual futures market, and we are certain this addition will drive extra volume to dYdX Chain.


We voted YES on #14 Addition of New Trustees to the DOT.

A great addition of experienced and trustworthy industry experts to the operations trust. We’re very happy with the decision and support it.
On a personal note, we love seeing Shaun from Steakehouse as part of this poll :slight_smile:

We voted YES on #15 Min Deposit and Max Deposit Period Change
As outlined in our reply to the forum post, we think this is one of the more important parameter changes. Security is upheld, yet the protocol is more inclusive than before. This will speed up market listings in the short term, we believe.

We voted YES on #16 Add JTO-USD perpetual market

Jito is a strong product and a pillar of the Solana Ecosystem. We think adding the token to v4 markets is a worthy addition and will monitor the volume here.


We voted YES on #17 Add ORDI-USD perpetual market

We support adding the top BRC-20 token to v4 markets. It will be fascinating to see if this addition can drive significant volume to dYdX.


We recently were part of a Twitter space discussing the migration of dYdX to IBC, governance and what is most important to this protocol, now.

The space was hosted by @0xkeyrock.eth and @Josh_E_Wa was kind enough to grace us with his presence.

You can find the recording here on X:


We voted YES on prop 18. Should the Community add $EOS as a new market on the dYdX Chain?

We’re excited to see market listings picking up steam and support the addition of EOS/USD to v4 trading pairs.

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We voted YES on prop 19. [DRC] dYdX Ecosystem Development Program (fka dYdX Grants Program)

Using community funds for this massive and important grants program will help the dYdX ecosystem in a myriad ways. Reverie has proven more than capable in handling the previous program, and we support the EDP.

We voted YES on prop 20. Adding the ICP-USD market will give traders further options to diversify.

We voted YES on prop 21. DYDX Proposal 21 - Mintscan

We support the addition of DYM-USD to dYdX Chain markets. Another hot token added, and more options for traders.

We voted YES on prop 22. Mintscan

Perfect timing to add STRK-USD to dYdX Chain Markets. This is a protocol evolving at the speed of crypto.

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We vote YES on prop 23. Mintscan

This is the first AI coin on dYdX Chain. is currently experiencing very bullish sentiment, and dYdX markets could profit from this. We hope the addition drives a good amount of activity.


We voted YES on prop 24, prop 25 and prop 26.
Having more markets to interact with is a net positive in our book.
As such, we’re really happy to support adding


We will see how much volume these new markets will drive in the next week.
PYTH and BONK are both “hot” assets. We hope this tracks to perp trading on dYdX Chain as well.

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We CHANGED our vote for WOO-USD to NO, after receiving guidance from @chaoslabs that WOO should not be listed as Tier 1 but Tier 2 market.
We will support a subsequent proposal to add WOO-USD as a Tier 2 market.

We voted YES on prop 27 and support adding AGIX-USD to dYdX Chain markets. AGIX brings another AI token with strong demand to the Chain, giving traders more options.

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We voted YES on prop 28 and adding RNDR-USD to the dYdX Chain markets.

We approve adding RNDR, another “hot” AI/decentralized compute token to dYdX Chain markets.

The overall velocity of adding markets to dYdX Chain is truly a sight to behold.

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We voted YES on prop 29.

We approve adding STX-USD, keeping the overall velocity of markets added above one per business day.

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We voted YES on prop 30.

We support adding INJ-USD to dYdX Chain markets. Another highly liquid token with a great fanbase. dYdX keeps getting more attractive for traders every day.

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We voted YES on prop 31. [DRC] Add IMX-USD to the dYdX Chain

We approve adding IMX-USD to the dYdX Chain markets. Immutable has made a small comeback of sorts recently, and we’re happy to see this reflected here.


We voted YES on prop 32. [DRC] Launch Incentives Season 2 - Distribution Proposal

Thanks to ChaosLabs for making the Launch Incentives successful. Gladly approve the Season 2 Distribution.

We also voted YES to prop 33. [DRC] Add HBAR-USD to the dYdX Chain

We support adding this old-school high-performance chain token to dYdX markets in line with our policy that adding markets to dYdX is a net positive as long as added tokens are robust.


We voted YES on prop 34 and support adding ALGO-USD markets.

We also voted YES on prop 35.
The Graph is invaluable for any on-chain sleuth and goes a long way to make the whole space more transparent. Support the addition of its token here.

We voted YES on prop 36.
Remember the Metaverse? Mana is back! At least to dYdX v4 markets. We support adding it in line with our policy to support new markets that meet basic decency and security considerations.


We voted YES on prop 37 and support adding Thorchain’s $RUNE-USD to the dYdX Chain markets.