Syncing the indexer of a snapshot

Hey there

I am looking into getting up a local indexer, however it seems there is no way to backfill blocks as they get fed into the Kafka stream as they come in.

This obviously is a major hurdle as you need to sync from block 1 and should you ever miss a block in the indexer your have to start from scratch.

Is there a better solution? Please advise.

Hi, @dr-smo

I’m afraid currently the way forward would be to sync from block 1.

Are you trying to deploy your own indexer on AWS?

One way to avoid having to resync on missed blocks is by assuring you have regular database snapshots.

Thanks, that is what I figured. I can take care of the DB snapshots however I was wondering if there is a place where periodic tendermint snapshots up to certain heights live (eg up to block 1m, 2m etc…)

Hey, @dr-smo

I don’t think I’ve seen such snapshots on any of the endpoints on mainnet resources page…

got it up and running and waiting for it to sync. was quite a pain to set up both locally and especially on an x86 server. Lmk if you are interested in feedback.

Otherwise eagerly awaiting the current block so we can integrate v4 on

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That’s impressive, I’d very much like to learn more bout your journey!
How about we jump on a call next week?
DM me if there’s no convenient time slot, or if you think of a better way for that.