The dYdX Chain has officially launched πŸŽ‰

The dYdX Chain has officially launched :tada:

Yesterday, October 26, at 17:00 UTC, dYdX Chain Validators created the Genesis block of the dYdX Chain.

:loudspeaker: The dYdX Operations subDAO public front-end for bridging is set to go live on October 30, 2023 (subject to official confirmation)

Pay attention to the announcement on Monday 30th October and for more information about how to bridge.

:warning: We recommend that the dYdX community refrain from bridging until the dYdX Operations SubDAO public bridge front end is live :warning:

Read the dYdX Chain Genesis blog for further details and insights about the Post Genesis stages:

:lock:Alpha - Bridging, Staking and Security
:desktop_computer: Beta - Trading Enabled with no rewards


Congratulations to the @dYdX_Ops_subDAO and the dYdX team on this incredible achievement!

Congrats dYdX community for the successful launch & welcome to Cosmos!:atom_symbol:

We are now securing the dYdX Chain with top performance & uptime for the long-term🀝

We have been securing the Cosmos Hub since 2019 and this is some data about our performance:

-Uptime: 2nd best uptime for the last 3 months, with a total of 39 missed blocks, only Polychain in the Cosmos Hub has better uptime than us

-Governance: in the top 5 by governance participation with a voting rate of 94.34%

:arrow_right:Stake your $DYDX: Mintscan


Am thrilled to hear about these great transition, my regards to all the dydx team, @DOT and community for the contribution and support.