The dYdX Chain Needs Your Feedback

Hello dYdX Community,

Lately, we’ve noticed an increase in feedback shared here in the forum. As you know, feedback is extremely valuable to us for continuous improvement, especially now that we are available on iOS and recently announced on Android as well.

For this reason, we would like to introduce you to:

Here, you can share:

  • Product feedback
  • Validator feedback
  • Developer feedback
  • Suggestions for new features and improvements
  • Reports on bugs and problems you’ve encountered on any of the available front-ends

We strongly suggest sharing any type of feedback on this platform only. This ensures that feedback and issue reporting will never get lost or forgotten. The feedback tool itself has unique features such as social media factors, including commenting and interacting with other users’ reports and posts, keeping an eye on already reported bugs and issues, and tracking the status of requests.

Additionally, please remember that the forum’s purpose is to discuss governance and ecosystem topics rather than issues and feedback.

Thank you for your active participation and valuable feedback.



See some progress there, its great. Will continue reporting via the site.