Useful links on dYdX V4

Sharing some public resources from dYdX Trading on dYdX V4:

Feel free to add more in the thread below!


Hey @dgog !

Thanks a lot for compiling the above - appreciate it. Do you think it would be at all possible to organise a community call w/ @antonio (or any other member from Trading) as a dYdX Trading Representative to ask questions in relation to the upcoming and published developments in relation to dYdX V4?

I do think this would be a great value-add that will i) help reduce information asymmetry and ii) provide the community a forward-looking insight into what they should be thinking about for V4 (both from a governance, technical and infrastructure perspective).

I look forward to hearing from you!


Adding a few more recent links:


Hi @Immutablelawyer. The dYdX Trading team is currently heads down building and gearing up for the V4 public testnet. There is usually a representative from dYdX Trading on the Epoch Review Community Calls so that may be a good place to ask questions. Otherwise, we can look to facilitate more discussion after the testnet is launched.

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Here are some more links on V4 Testnet


Started a separate thread, and will try to keep it up to date with latest resources that come our way

Hope you don’t mind, @dgog

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