Validator Intro -

  • Entity name and location: (Spain)
  • Infrastructure location: France, US, Germany, Singapore
  • Hardware: Dedicated servers (bare metal)
  • Experiencie: 3 years
  • Validators in: Sui, Solana, Near, Mina, Moonriver, Map Protocol, Blast API, Velas, Cartesi, Forta, Polkadex, Oak Network, Zeitgeist, Amplitude, Quicksilver, Omniflix,, Umee, Gravity Bridge, Ixo, Kichain, Asset Mantle
  • Additional value: our aim is to provide profesional web apps and tools for dYdX, that’s how ecosystems flourish
  • Contributions in other ecosystems:
    • Nearscope: Near explorer and analytics platform
    • Sui Sonar: Sui monitoring platform
    • Zomblox: Solana monitoring tool
    • uScope: Umee monitoring tool

At Blockscope we are blockchain enthusiasts, team of Computer Engineers with broad experience having worked for biggest banks and telco companies in Spain. Running professional services on 20+ PoS chains. Dedicated servers around the world, providing a 0% CO2 footprint :seedling:.

Blockscope has 2 business verticals:

:package: Validator operations, in multiple chains including Sui, Solana, Near, and Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystem. We also run Relayers, RPC’s and other infra for our customers.

:gear: Software engineering, building tools for blockchain projects such as Near, Solana, Sui, Umee, Injective.

Check more info at:

:earth_africa: Website:
:seedling: Ecologi CO2: blockscopenetwork

:email: Contact:
Email: blockscope @ protonmail . com

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Near explorer and analytics platform:

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