Validator Introduction - Brightlystake

Hello Everyone!

We are Brightlystake a team of passionate individuals spread across different timezones (UK/India/China) to ensure smooth operations round the clock.

We operate in about 20+ ecosystems with the likes of Axelar, Sui, Moonbeam, Casper etc. with few more on the way. Our servers are located across USA/Germany/London/Mumbai/Singapore and a few more locations.

We are in operation since Jan 2021.

We have a custom built bot to track proposals and monitoring.
All our servers are security hardened and we follow all best practices for security and safety.

Plan for DYDX
For DyDx we have decided to go with a bare metal server in a less common location and provider thereby helping DYDX decentralize.

We also build some custom tools based on the need and inspiration. You can take a look at then here

If there is anything you would like to know more about us please reach out on our socials in the link above.